Shiny Things

Thank the net gods for online (browser) window shopping. It takes little brain power and keeps me entertained for hours. No more photoshoping Frankie Muniz on Linsey Lohan’s body during fits of boredom.

shiny things

Some of my favourite online stores are Emitations for anything shiny (especially their brooches), XOXO and Victorias Secret for clothing, Game Head for GBA and PC games, Aus PC Market for computer components and of course eBay for tops, beads and used souls.

12 Comments on “Shiny Things”

  1. I hear ya Kitta. Since I’ve taken up photography many a dull day has been turned into my own little rainbow factory just be sitting in front of ebay and drooling over cameras of all shapes and description. The really old ones that require a hand crank, the wind to come in from the north and an actual birdie are the ones that really blow my hair back.


  2. Do you think that I could sell my toenail clipping collection? and my box of yawns?

    Seriously… You sell the soul guy was from Austraila?


  3. Wowwww… I’ve never realized how ugly of a woman Frankie Muniz is. Not just ugly, scary ugly! 😐

    Online shopping to me = freaky…. What if something messes up!!! What if you change your mind!!!! What if you find something better/cheaper somewheres else!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh! See, freaky.


  4. Youki, I’m sure you could sell those items if you wanted to, it is eBay, and on the auction it says the soul selling person is from Victoria.

    Big A, I drool over cameras too, but the digital Canon’s and Nikon’s do it for me.

    Kris, I said window shopping, not actual buying. All my money goes towards endless doctor’s bills and medications.


  5. I was just kidding Kitta… I was trying to convey the message that the guy was an idiot… I saw on it he said he was from Austraila… I might have been mistaken.


  6. did you know how useful your blog is kitta? I just ate some pizza and I was feeling queasy but as you page loaded it subsided 😀


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