House For Sale

A house for sale sign magically appeared on our lawn while we were out today.

For Sale

(Crappy picture courtesy of my new LG L1100 camera phone)

Now this wouldn’t be out of the ordinary if our house was on the market, but it isn’t. We rang the real estate agent and told him about the predicament, he apologised and said we must have had a bit of a shock upon returning home. Yeah, you could say that. He blamed his assistant (the beatings won’t cease until ‘for sale’ signs appear on the right lawns) and said he’d pick it up tomorrow. My mother took the sign down straight away, I told her to leave it there, so we could freak out the neighbours (who adore us and never ever want us to move) and friends, but we clearly don’t see eye to eye on evil jokes and she took it down.

15 Comments on “House For Sale”

  1. That happens quite often it happened to a friend of mine and they called the real estate company and they swore that the house was for sale or maybe somebody wants you out and they left you a hint.


  2. Are you sure your neighbors aren’t trying to tell you something? 🙂

    Years ago we had a neighbor who wasn’t too popular with the rest of the neighborhood. One night a few of us got together and “found” about a dozen “FOR SALE” signs. In the morning the signs had all magically appeared in the neighbor’s front yard.


  3. I’m gonna have to try that. All this time I’ve been running around sticking anti-Bush signs in the yards of my Bush lovin’ family, but this “for sale” business might be just what I’ve been looking for to push them over the top.


  4. thats is the funniest thing!

    You always have funny little things to say Kitta. Always a laughable read when I come here 🙂

    Do you get the little “hand written” notes from real estates saying that they have a buyer interested in your house and if you would be up for selling it?

    We used to always get these letters for a little while, but the funny part was that they were fake “hand written” notes. They were the standard note saying how someone was interested and to cotact the real estate, but they were printed out in a blue ink in a hand writting font. The agent doesnt even sign the note.

    Silly little tricks 🙂


  5. Sooo… You’re not selling?


    I thaught if I put a for sale sign in your yard you would sell the house, and I could buy it…


  6. I used to pull stuff like that with my friends when I was younger. For no reason really we would just go put signs in people’s yards. During one of the presidential elections we went to my political science teacher’s house and filled his yard with signs for a candidate he hated…


  7. Real estate agents, my ex girl friend was one, she almost had a family tossed from their home because she was doing
    repo homes and missed by about four houses.

    What a joke! Cut out the middleman, I say.


  8. I had some noisy neighbours downstairs that were annoying me, so I put a fake eviction notice on their door to fuck with em. well anywho, they read it and proceeded to smash their place up because they thought they were getting evicted. so the cops show up and they get really evicted for smashing the place up. i was just sat on my balcony listening. score!


  9. Ed, that is really evil. I like it. 🙂

    Samantha, I’m glad my blog makes you laugh and yes, we got one just this week.

    Tom, now that would be a shock.

    Wayne, I think you just topped Ed’s evil doing.


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