Easter Bunny

Kitta Bunny
Campy bunny

Happy Easter. πŸ™‚

36 Comments on “Easter Bunny”

  1. awwww cute! As I type this Tinka is desperately trying to get me to play. I have never had a cat that was so animate about having a good time. Maybe she has a lesson for me. Happy Easter Kitta!!!


  2. Camp look as he saying” I feel like an idot I must be crazzy wearing these things!!! waht I put up for home and food” lol happy easter Kitta don’t eat to much now yamm yumm!!


  3. Still Easter here so I will wish you a happy easter and hope that you are doing well, you sure are looking good, even put out a basket just to see if a bunny like you would show up last night, needless to say that did not happen, oh well, I still believe!


  4. Dan, I am finally started to feel better, I had a bit more energy this weekend, but the steroids are still messing with me a bit (just side effects). Hopefully I can stop taking them in a week.

    Bret, thanks. πŸ™‚

    Samantha, thank you, I’m glad you like my jewellery and site.

    Mark, that she is. She makes this sound now and again which sounds like she’s laughing evilly, it’Ò€ℒs hilarious, she also loves to play dead and wiggles her bum constantly (and I wiggle my bum along with her). I washed her a few days ago and she loved it, she was a pleasure to wash. πŸ˜€


  5. I’m a little late but, Happy Easter! Hope you had a good one!

    The ears on your dog are priceless. We used to dress my dog up as Batman for Halloween. That’s great that she doesn’t mind being washed, makes life just a little bit easier.


  6. hey kitta
    looking stunning as normal. hope your easter was better than mine. spent a fair majority of it stuck in traffic between perth and margaret river lol


  7. Wow, how gorgeous are you!!! Was searching the net for a photo of an Easter Bunny and came across you, wish my Easter bunny resembled you in some (or any) sort of way!!!



  8. Well, it just wouldn’t be Easter without a sketchy, completely irreverant blog comment…. soooooo: No wonder Jesus rose from the dead. YOW-za.


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