Stolen Legs

My legs seem to be getting around a bit…

Stolen Legs

Do you mind?

I’m sure you have your own set of legs which are quite lovely Miss CherrieVanillaKissesXX, so please refrain from stealing pictures of mine. Thank you.


  • The user has also stolen a large amount of Pam’s images.
  • I have reported the users to Yafro.
  • All the images have been taken down.
  • Screenshots: One and two.

16 Comments on “Stolen Legs”

  1. How low can they go? Haha. That’s hilarious. Anyways, nice legs, really nice legs. She probably wishes she had legs like that. It would be weird if my legs look like that. Hmm… something to think about.


  2. There seems to be alot of this about lately Kitta, I’m reserving all the right on my piccy’s now…

    I cannot believe the ordacity of these people.


  3. Well, if you are going to steal a picture of someone elses legs, I couldn’t think of a nicer pair to steal, I’d say you have a “LEG” up on the competition. 🙂


  4. Hmmm It looks like she’s stolen your bum now Kitta.. I mean, uhh if that is your bum.. Heck for all I know it’s not your bum.. It could be anyones bum.. I certainly wouldn’t know the difference, not like I had that image commited to memory or anything… damn

    I think Miss CherrieVanillaKissesXX will get what she deserves. Aafter all, if Mary Shelley has taught us anything, It’s that constructing a persona from scavenged body parts is a bad idea.


  5. Heh, how ridiculous, stealing legs is a bad idea.

    Trust me, I’ve tried it and got nothing but trouble … cheeky little bastards never do quite what you want them to.


  6. that’s a ridiculous thing i’ve ever seen! stolen legs -_- most of the people stole layouts, pixell, but this?!?

    that girl is really really a faker :@


  7. Aaron, yes it would be quite weird. 🙂

    Loddy, it’s been going on since the dawn of net. Nobody seems to want to be themself online.

    Tom, I was waiting for a leg related joke.

    Paul, that is why I said ‘the user’ and not ‘she’ or ‘her’. Hell, Sarah could have even been behind it all!

    Karna, hopefully Yafro will terminate the account.

    Echa, it’s not the first time someone’s stolen my pictures. I’ve even had entire blog posts stolen.

    Bob, it’s kind of funny, “I’ll take kitta’s legs, oh and Pam’s head…”


  8. you have some nice legs! i wish my legs looked like yours! well, all you can do is feel sorry for the girl who doesn’t like the way she looks but wants nice legs so badly that she would steal them from somone else’s website. that is just sad.


  9. Dan, disabling right click via JavaScript isn’t an answer, you can simply disable the JavaScript in FireFox or view source, and I personally hate it when websites disable right click.


  10. I know, but if you have photos and they taking them. there only two things do that (disable click.) or don’t worry about the photos. I have art work up but I don’t worry about it to much, its not worth it. Yes they can go to “view source” but must wont do it. it make a little harder. I do know a lot of sites do that.


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