Dearest internet, meet Camp. She’s a two year old Jack Russel x Terrier x Blue Heeler, and is now officially a part of the family.


For those of you wondering, there is a story behind her name and it doesn’t involve a gay couple or a Kylie concert (the joke has been made, let us move on). She was found abandoned and wandering around a campsite in Queensland two years ago, and the people who found her named her Camp because she was found on a camp site (lucky for her she wasn’t found at a rubbish dump or she might have been named ‘Dump’). She made her way over to Perth soon afterwards and lived with a nice old lady who feed her chockie bikkies for a year or so. Sadly the old lady passed away, as old ladies tend to do from time to time, and Camp had to find a new home (with the help of her trainer).

After a few ‘getting to know you’ days we said that we’d love to keep her, she has a few years of advanced agility training and pet therapy under her collar, so we’d be mad not to want such a loving and well trained dog. We’ve never had a dog that could perform the roll over command, let alone play dead, give paw, jump through hoops and do various other tricks.

Camp has already accumulated quite a few nicknames, such as:

  • Campino
  • Campachino
  • Campzilla
  • Champ
  • Cam
  • Cammie
  • Camposaurus
  • Campalatte
  • Campy
  • Campchocola
  • Campacola
  • Campsiscum

There is a slight problem though. The problem comes in the form of a five year old cat that has become accustomed to being the only pet, she is not happy about Camp joining the family, and has expressed outrage at the situation with her claws numerous times. She now spends her days plotting ways to kill us all for giving Camp a home. Clearly she forgets that she is just a cat, not a queen, and that you should never claw the hand that feeds you.


20 Comments on “Camp”

  1. Camp is one lucky dog. Your kitty will adapt. She is soooo cute. I like it when her ears are back. Give her a kiss for me.. xxx


  2. Wait, cats are not royalty… are you sure about that?

    That will be a shock to my kitty when she finds out. Congrats on getting such a well taught dog, makes things alot easier.


  3. I’ve got a jack russell bull terrier cross, and its the most marvellous breed you could have. Loyal to a “t”, friendly to strangers, makes you feel better when you come home from a hard day at work.

    With her ears up she looks like mogwai from


  4. Omg kitta she is so cute! And your entry just made me laugh lol. Your cat will adjust well after a few weeks. She prolly got so use to being by her self after Uh harry was his name passed away. I love the pic where the ears are perked up lol. You gotta put more pictures of her when you can! See ya later!


  5. One more thing where do you get your wallpapers at for your desktop? I’ll look around your site and see if you have anywhere where it tells, if not i’ll check back here on the comments!


  6. Seriocomic, she does look a bit like a gremlin at times. I should add ‘Mogwai’ to her nickname list.

    Chris, the only problem is she knows a ton of commands that we don’t know, so it’s like trying to unlock secrets in a computer game.

    Rach, I get a lot of my desktop wallpapers from Pixelgirl Presents.


  7. cats are territorial animals that tend to dislike it for a long long time when their “territories” get invaded, ur cat might need sometime to adjust to it, be aware that she doesnt try to claw ur doggie to death tho. a friend got 2 new cats in one day, and her old cat got so mad that for 2 years preceding old kitty’s death, she was trying so hard to bleed the 2 new ones to death.



  8. Aw… she is such a cute little thing! It’s sad knowing she was abandoned… but at least she found a home, right? I’m sure you’d take great care of her… Haha that is a lot of nicknames already! Anyway, other pets never seem to want to cooperate with new pet family members. But hey, the kitty is bound to get used to Camp!


  9. I love Camposaurus!! That is by far my favourite nickname I think, good luck with the new addition, and hopefully no murdering by the claw of the cat will occur!


  10. ohh secret tricks. kinda like those movies where someone is brainwashed and they do things when you say certain keywords. camp is a cute though. maybe you try something like “camp runway walk” her and lady rikku could have a fashion show. πŸ˜›


  11. Camp is adorable! I wish I could find another dog like that.
    My dog was found on the side of the highway when he was a puppy. He’s not around anymore 😦 and I miss having a dog around the house.


  12. She is a cute dog. Our dog is similar colored. But she is a Shelty/Beagle mix. Still they are fun. I love little dogs.


  13. What a lucky dog to have found your family, as for the cat, you never own a cat, they own you. So, I don’t expect your cat will ever be happy with your new friend, but the cat will learn to talerate the dog after awhile, believe me, I have seven cats that had to get use to the two dogs. (Don’t ask how that happened, they just seemed to appear out of no where. Guess I’m just a sucker for a pretty face.)


  14. Jack Russells are great dogs (though a little hyper)! I have one at home and he is probably one of the best companion dogs I’ve ever had.

    Camp looks like she’s the same way, especially with a little Blue Heeler πŸ™‚


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