The Winner

And the winner of the 2005 Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog is… Not me.

Congratulations to Shauna (on both the Bloggie win and the wedding) and all the other winners. All hail queen Dooce.

I’m planning to move to Mexico for next years awards, Sergio seems to have a mafia like grip on the best Best Latin American Weblog category and I think I can give him a run for his money (or bloggie in this case).

Please don’t beat me too hard Matt, I’m fragile.

15 Comments on “The Winner”

  1. Hey sweety, youre welcome to come to MX. You SURE would win every bloggie and prize available…
    We’re waiting fer ya here…
    Best and get out of the ‘sickness’


  2. Kayhadrin, it wouldn’t be relevant if I posted about it in a few days and I’m bored to death. There is only so much Judge Judy a person can handle.


  3. Best of luck next time, your still the best to me, just taking everyone else a little longer to realize it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope your feeling better today, take care!


  4. You seem to have a large Mexican following, Kitta.

    That’s something that would frighten me – but hey, there you go.



  5. If you move here I’ll sic my trained masked wrestlers on your ass, girl.

    This is *so* not a joke.

    Anyway, it sucks you didn’t win. Taylor was all pumped up with an acceptance speech for you and all.


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