In my bag

I’m addicted to the what’s in your bag? pool on Flickr. I find it quite interesting to see what people carry around with them, some have bags full of floppy discs and some have bags containing nothing more then some lippy and a phone, while others prefer bags full of food or veggies, there’s even a knitting bag. Here’s what’s in my bag, item notes available on Flickr.

My bag

So what’s in your bag?

14 Comments on “In my bag”

  1. *opens bag…

    Umm some pez… a stick og gum… my wallet… random pens and pencils… a candybar… and a bundle of keys… a dairy queen recipt… and my work slip…

    *rustle rustle

    HEY LOOK IT’S MY BROTHER! (a picture) (*_-)


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  3. What I find amazing is how you get all that stuff in there, its like theres a doorway to another dimension inside womens bags and they can fit shit like umbrellas in there – and a poodle! I carry around a compass, 3 metres of rope and a swiss army knife in my backpack <— Macgyver freak, I doubt I'd be able to use those things to disarm a nuke like he does though :


  4. Dan, Cyclone Ingrid isn’t a worry for my part of WA, this is the worst it could do.

    Ricky, there’s a part of a woman’s brain totally dedicated to stuffing large amounts of crap in bags. You treat it like a jig saw puzzle, every item is a piece in the bag puzzle and must be placed in correctly.


  5. Extremely boring uni-related stuff. Fat textbooks, random pieces of scribble, the usual assortment of bits and bobs. Nothing scandalous, alas.


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