Kitta's angry colon

Blogging will now recommence. I was a tad emotional and TMFCLMEPPO (totally-mother-fucking-CAPS-LOCKED-multiple-exclamation-point-pissed-off) while writing the last entry, as anyone would be after spending a week in doctors surgeries and ED’s (ER’s for the Americans) trying to find out what is causing such excruciating abdominal pain and getting the run around. A simple X-ray finally shed light on the problem…

Diagnosis: My colon is very angry.

angry colon

The C.Diff infection wrecked havoc on my colon and has made it dilated and terribly unhappy. “It is ahh, one very angry colon, not happy at all” was how my doctor with the strong African accent put it. I’m glad that I didn’t listen to nurses who claimed it was just constipation, because if it had of been left a day or so more it might have perforated.

I have been put on oral steroids to bring down the inflammation, pain killers, and antiemetics, which are normally only given to cancer patients having radiation treatment. You know you’re sick when you get authority drugs. 😐

Thankfully the pain is subsiding and I’m doing that fun sleeping thing which people rave about. The steroids have also sent my appetite into hyper drive, which is a relief after dropping below 50kg. Hopefully it’s just a one off inflammation of the colon and not ongoing.

Please keep sending the well wishes and mad as a meat-axe doctors my way. πŸ˜‰

18 Comments on “Kitta's angry colon”

  1. I hope ya get better Kitta! I’m glad they finally found out what was wrong with you. Seems like yalls doctors are like ours. They give you meds that isn’t what its for, what you have, and plus doctors think its totally different then what it is. My town and your town have something in common lol.


  2. Of course, the best doctors are always require the most effort to contact. Afterward they talk with you, it always seems as if they disapprove of you somehow, as if you had some choice in the antics of your body, entering into collusion with it just to make that particular doctor’s life harder.

    I hope that the immunologist turns up. He may be the best, but he’s only the best if he’s actually helping you. Hang in there!


  3. Ode to an Ass

    Oh angry ass why does thou hurt
    My sweet Nikita so?
    The doctors dilly-dally round
    Just to let us know

    I never thought I’d pray like this
    For dear Nikita’s ass
    But find myself now longing
    for healing that would last

    Her colon is the culprit
    Somewhere deep inside
    A painful, sore, infection
    And now we see she’s cried

    This isn’t quite my standard prayer
    As I get down on my knee
    You see I want not for myself
    But rather it be free

    Free from all the hurt and pain
    Free from cramps and smarts
    So all can love it once again
    With our adoring hearts


  4. Hey Kitta, glad they were able to finally figure it out. And the reason nurses are nurses are because of answers like constipation. Glad they have those doctors who know what is going on. Hope you feel a million times better!


  5. “If you blow your colon, duct tape does wonders. Crazy Glue for the really bad ones. For now stick to the medication, oh! and don’t swallow chewing gum, bad! really bad!!” said kitta’s docs.

    Get Well πŸ™‚


  6. I would just like to mention that I have brought you up in conversation with both Dunstan and Sergio. I also beat Sergio on the side of the head till he agreed to let me play you in the bloggies. We miss you. It is soooooo much fun, and man is Zeldman short.


  7. Taylor, play me in the bloggies? Please tell me that there will be no wigs or dresses involved. I’m missing you all too. I’m trying to keep up to date through Fickr tags, but my dial-up keeps dying. 😦

    Bob, thankyou for that touching poem about my colon.


  8. I hate how all my good thoughts come a day later than they’re needed!

    I was gonna say, “I am Kitta’s renewed sense of relief” seeming as how we’re going down the Fight Club route πŸ˜›



  9. Glad the doctors found something, good to see you eating and sleeping. Colon problems are a pain in the …, oh, but you know that already. Hope you will be better soon.


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