Voting via postal vote due to illness. I voted ‘YES’ and ‘YES’. I should make an aussie version of the ‘I think I voted’ sticker for all the postals.


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  2. Call me ignorant, but I find it funny that the public would vote en masse to extend the operating/sales hours for local businesses. I know there are some parts here in Canada where that may be done (as the debate went over at Mark’s shinyplasticbag)… but out here on the left coast… heck no.

    It’s good to vote though.. don’t get me wrong.


  3. Wow! Think of all the great minimum wage jobs this will create and more hours to spend those wages. Who could ask for anything more? Really, we have had these for years, nothing like being able to get something when you need it, like nights and weekends.


  4. The referendum on trading hours in Western Australia is an election for or against six hours on Sundays and four extra hours during weekdays. At present, only some regional shopping centres, small retail outlets, and CBDs shopping centres (Perth and Fremantle) are allowed to be open Sundays. Large stores such as Harvey Norman are not allowed to be open (but that hasn’t stopped Harvey Norman opening in protest). Western Australia is the only remaning state that has held on to old restrictions.

    People who are shift workers, work long hours and weekends, or has a family will vote yes because at the present time they have to shove all their errands and shopping into Saturdays. It is said that it will also create more employment, job opportunities and boost tourism.

    Others will vote no because they feel we do not need extended shopping hours and are worried small business’s, junior sporting and religion will be effected.

    Some consumer reports on the issue at…
    Time to decide in WA
    Reform of Retail Trading in WA
    On any Sunday


  5. miss k i hope you’re felling better, but as a public servant, i think the whole referendum will fall away to the no vote…simply cos every referendum falls by the way side…

    take care miss


  6. Wow, voting was so fun! getting hounded by people saying vote for blah blah and such and such! ffs people LEAVE ME ALONE! I think i might go on a holiday next election and do a postal vote!


  7. I may have misunderstood Gary’s comment. If he was referring to acts of terrorism and threats of terrorism, then I am truly sorry for my reply. I did not mean to suggest terrorism is justified, ever, for any cause. I was referring to the actions of peaceful people around the world who tried to help the voting citizens of the US realize what a horrible leader they feel George W. Bush is.


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