2005 Cammies


I’ve been nominated for quite a few Cammies (2005 webcam awards). I’m sure the standard procedure is to announce such an event by writing an entry containing ‘lyke’, ‘kewl’, ‘omg’, ‘lol’ and various uses of exclamation point molestation ‘!!!!!!!’, but I will try to restrain myself.

The categories I’ve been nominated in are…

  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Camgirl of the Year
  • Best Slogan of a Camsite
  • Best Australian Camsite

If you have a moment, please vote for me. Kewlies!!!!! (Sorry, I couldn’t restrain myself any longer.)

21 Comments on “2005 Cammies”

  1. i voted for you, because i think you’re nice since you are an actual person with actual thoughts & it’s nice to see someone that’s been on the scene a long time that actually has a brain and a sense of humor.

    it’s a breath of fresh air πŸ™‚


  2. Hey Kitta, I voted for you of course. I was surprised that they have nominations for pay-sites!! What guy would pay to see some girl semi-naked when you can get free pr0n!! How silly πŸ˜›


  3. Never thought of this as a camgirl site, but what the hell, if you were running for president of the world, I’d vote for you then as well. Hope your feeling better, take care!


  4. Nice work, you’re up there with the who’s who of the webcam world…. But ya know what, you’re gonna blow away the competition!


  5. Of course I voted for you because I love you and you are the only camgirl that I will talk to, but I was motivated to do so because of your use of Kewlies!!!! it totally reminded me of my cam days and maureen and juan ale and elimination. Besides.. you are the only one without whore links all over the place.

    I am going to sxsw and you are soo jealous. I will be your award pickerupper tho πŸ˜€

    I just realized that the0ry kid (in the cammies) goes to my school ahahah.


  6. Everyone, thank you for voting for me, I’m not sure why I’m up for some many awards. I’m more blog, less cam, these days. It’s still nice to be nominated though.

    Taylor, it’s all about the ‘Kewlies!!!!’ Everyone’s going to SXSW and I would have gone if it was not for my current health issues. I think you’ll have to fight with Sergio to be my award picker upper (that’s if I do win), since he was the first to inquire about it. Hopefully I’ll go next year, Matt said something about getting me on a panel and I’m totally going to hold him to it. πŸ™‚

    Kayhadrin, my slogan is “Don’t feed or spank the little red monkey”.

    Dani, where have you been hiding?

    Chris, I am feeling a bit better, taking things slowly though, doctors orders. πŸ˜‰


  7. Well done Kitta. I never really thought of your site as a cam girl site but that’s probably what makes it so good. Not like others you see that are clarted in cam images and hardly any blog. Kewlies? New to my ears but maybe I’m just being a teuchter


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