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An article was published in The Age yesterday about The Bloggies, it was mainly about the best Australian/NZ finalists and had some talk of commercial blogging thrown in there. ‘Blogs break out and hit the big time’ was the title.

I was emailed by the writer last week, but because I was in hospital I couldn’t reply until Sunday, which of course was too late. I am officially the mystery fifth blogger who wasn’t mentioned in it. The lovely Karen Cheng and creative Claire Robertson also didn’t get a mention, even though they are finalists (in a different category) from Australia.

Here are a few of the questions I was asked…

What does the nomination mean to you?
It makes me proud. It’s wonderful to have your hard work and dedication to your blog appreciated. Sometimes I look at my stats and think of my visitors as just numbers, because most don’t leave comments, and then I get nominated for a bloggie and I know they are really there.

When/why did you start blogging?
I started blogging in July 2002. I knew a few people that had their own blog and it seemed like an interesting hobby. I also wanted a testing ground to exercise my web design skills. A blog is a perfect place for someone interested in growing stronger in web design.

What feedback do you get from readers?
I receive emails from readers expressing how much they enjoy reading my blog and how it brightened their day. People say blogging is a selfish pass time, but the emails I receive beg to differ. Readers can and do get something out of reading blogs.

Is the blog form becoming commercialised?
Yes, anything popular always ends up becoming commercialised and blogs are becoming increasingly popular. Businesses and anyone interested in making a profit are starting to take note of just how powerful blogging and ‘word of blog’ (blogs linking to and recommending websites and products) is. That’s not a bad thing. So long as the person blogging is honest and truthful, which is at the core of blogging, there’s nothing wrong with commercial or business blogging. Readers can always smell bullshit on a blog.

I’m still writing up the great hospital entry, it’s quite long, and nap breaks keep interrupting the process, but I will have it done soon.

10 Comments on “Bloggie Article”

  1. it’s so cool to see someone who actually has taste in design be featured in articles such as those, regardless if you got credit or not. your readers are supporting you through the bloggies and through your health situation.

    wishing you the best..


  2. Thats pretty dang cool. Your blog is the best I’ve come along on the internet, so its no doubt you’d be featured in such a thing. You have an amazing wit and charm that is almost magnetic… CORRECTION, “is” magnetic!


  3. hello kitta
    hope you’re holding up ok. Whenever i’m on your site im amazed at the amount of effort you put into it, so congrats on the nomination. how exciting!!

    And don’t worry about certain detractors occasionally posting stupid comments. they’re just sad, pathetic individuals with very little else to do.


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