Food, water, sleep

I have been in hospital for the last six days. I will blog about it once my brain has done a defrag of all the information and I’m feeling up to writing about it. Until then, here are some of the things I’ve missed this week…

  • I seem to have been finally hit with trackback spam. Oh goodie.
  • A ton of email – 1019 in total, including 438 spam messages.
  • A young boy has been ripping of my design. He stole my CSS file, uploaded it to a free hosting account and then used what he wanted from it, including my background image. Normally I’d email him and ask him if he knows what copyright means, but after the week I’ve had I couldn’t give a flying fuck. So I changed the files around and I think his layout looks so much better now that credit has been given. See for yourself in the before and after images. πŸ™‚
  • Desperate housewives, ER, my restaurant rules, lost and all the other TV shows that started up this week down under.
  • Food.
  • Water.
  • Sleep.

Update #1…

The boy who is stole my CSS and linked to my background image is still using the ‘devoid of talent’ background image and someone is posing as me on his tagboard. Hilarity ensues.

Update #2…

He has now password protected his blog and changed the site information on the CSS file to read ‘CSS for’, changing anything else in the file (like the ‘devoid of talent’ background image) seems to be far beyond his knowledge base.

Update #3…

He has taken down his blog and the stolen CSS file. Viva la monkey!

34 Comments on “Food, water, sleep”

  1. Didn’t someone say “Revenge is the best medicine?” I sent you something so you better have mum run to the postal for you. Get well soon.


  2. Missed you so much Kitta!!!

    I had a feeling they kidnapped you to hospital…
    I wish brains really could get defragged.

    And as for that kid…
    Monkey see,
    Monkey do,
    Kitta made a fool of you!

    So glad you’re back! I’ll wait til your next entry before I ask how you are!

    But I hope you’re better!


  3. I mentioned this in another post this morning and got to thinking about the advice I often get you Kitta. This was my comment: “I often give advice. It’s free, easily disposable, and Ozone safe…”


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  5. I wondered where you were! No updates for six days? At first I thought there might be a big blackout like last time, but never did I think you’d be in the hospital! I hope you get to feeling better soon. I have an immune problem too and I keep catching everything under the sun, so I know how you feel. Luckily it hasn’t landed me in the hospital.. yet.

    I love what you did to that kid. He appears to still be using your layout, but you probably gave him a little scare when he logged in to blogger or whatever he’s using.


  6. I’m addicted to Desperate Housewives, haven’t found anyone else who watches it faithfully every week yet 😦

    Glad to hear you’re out of hospital, 6 days is a pretty long time, the boredom must really get to you :/ Hope you catch up on sleep and feel better soon! x


  7. Kittadoodle this whole sick thing has been cute. Really it has. Gives you a certain vulnerable cuteness I think we’ve all enjoyed, but truly you don’t have to keep it up. Not for our beneift anyway. I mean we dig you just as much healthy as ill. I know this is difficult to believe but have a littel faith in your public. We won’t abandon you if you drop the whole sick thing. Be honest, you can’t really be enjoying it all THAT much. I mean I know some coughing, fainting, dry heaving, and post nasal drip helps to break up the day nicely, but instead why not just create one more set of earings a day? These are merely suggestions of course and you have very right to stay the course and ride this sick thang all the way to the top, but really we all think you’re there already. SO GET WELL WOULD YA?????


  8. BigA is a charmer, in’t he?

    Massive whuffie for lambasting the little dork – imagine someone *stealing* code from (as opposed to, er, being technically enlightened by it… or something). Shame.


  9. well kittia, I hope you will be feeling better soon.

    all thou its not right what this young man did, It be hard to do anything about it. The cost and going to court its cost more then we have to spend. The only one that might do something about it a large corp like yahoo, kazzaa, etc. The copy lay is lose on line, meaning its pretty much public else you register copy the images and that cost big bucks. Also, if the party is over seas say here in the USA, It be harder to do and take time and large court cast and time( maybe years). That is one thing we have to put up with here on line. if the code or bin file (program app) then the case will hold up more in court. Example year ago we did a program app and cast me $450.00 for the copyright it. and you have to do re-register it also. that how it’s been since I started programming in 1986. any way BOO BOO on that kid. Get well soon kitta.

    Dan MA, USA


  10. Sorry to heard about your hospital stay. Hope your feeling better. Do you have any screenshoots of the guys page because I just read it and miss all the fun. LOL Thanks..


  11. haha.. that is absolutelly hilarious, kitta. i didn’t know you could go in there and change someone else’s css file? I’m still a bit clueless when it comes to that. i hope you get better soon, i know it seems like one thing after another, but everything will get better. glad to see updates, from the hospital no less. now THAT’S dedication πŸ™‚


  12. Hey Kitta, glad you are out of hospital. I hate the gowns, they are so plain and unflattering!! I had to wear one when I got my wisdom teeth out and it sucked πŸ˜› I hope there were no hot doctors around!! Although, going by the way you always look in your photos, you probably looked hot in the gown. I’m surprised you don’t have any pictures of you lying in the bed, or pictures that you have taken around the hospital…capturing the hospital scene and all. Hehe, just kidding, I can imagine you weren’t feeling up to taking pictures.


  13. Very glad you’re still alive, Kitta!

    As for code-stealing boy, I think you did a great job with the stylesheet edit. Red was a nuch better colour for him anyway. So, I guess the little red monkey had a ball, huh? : )

    Howzabout you get better soon? I think that might be a good plan for you. Besides, if you’re sick, who’s to stop the monkey from taking over? See, Kitta? We need you to save the world! Get well soon, dammit!


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  15. I hate people like that! They are all crazy! They think they are the coolest and smartest ever. But really they are dumb


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