This is it. I’m on one last prescription of antibiotics to try and evict the Clostridium Difficile infection that has taken up an un-welcome residence in my body. It’s making my body feel quite odd; a sort of weak, tired, un-coordinated, numb feeling which is hard to explain, but apparently just a side effect.

“Oh yeah, forgot to tell you about that, sorry. Your head dropping off is a totally acceptable side effect, nothing to worry about at all.”

Oh jolly good then.

If this antibiotic doesn’t finally kick C. Diff’s butt, I’m going to be dragged kicking and screaming (well, more like thinking of kicking and screaming, but not actually doing so) to the hospital for a week or more of IV antibiotic treatment. I do not want to be admitted to hospital, I will not be admitted to hospital… You hear that C. Diff, there will be no hospital you bacterial tosser!

I still have nightmares about the dry toast I had to consume the last time I was in hospital. The horror!

17 Comments on “Toastmares”

  1. Kitta,

    If I thought doing the mother hen routine might work I’d say stay off the computer and get plenty of sleep, a bit of fresh air and so on and so on…

    But I just want to wish you well and I really hope you do finally kick this thing in it’s teeth once and for all!!!


  2. Well, kitta,sorry to hear that. I know how you feel about going but it might be for the best. Wouldn’t be great to get this over with and back to naorml again? just after a week more. good luck Hon and hope you get well soon

    Dan Mac
    MAss, USA


  3. That sucks. I hope that you can kick that C. Diff in the rear end with your last perscription… If not, I’ll take the plane ride down there from Canada, just to give you the hellium balloon, stuffed animal, and get well soon card personally in the hospital.


  4. Well If I thaught it would help you i’d say (get better) but since that has never helped anyone I’m just gonna say (don’t stay sick)


    Bob I think you’re correct about her looking good in a hospital gown… Thats why they want you to stay sick, just cause of their own perverted minds…
    Ps: Kitta they make the food nasty so you stay longer… Have you mom bring food or somthing… mabey Mc Donalds?


  5. oh yeah? I can’t wait. I guess the doctors have to be listening to you too, but I always give them the benefit of the doubt. Probably not the best advise and I guess these days your really have to be a lot more involved in your diagnosis and treatment. I hope it is nothing terrible.


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