Australia Day


Happy Australia Day. Go forth and drink yourself stupid all arvo, burn the lamb and snagas on the barbie, and then gaze into the night sky which will be illuminated by some bloody expensive fireworks that are synchronized with that song you can’t remember the name of. Point and laugh at the drunk guy who tries to swim across the river and nearly drowns, and remember to run like hell when the fireworks fade so you beat the traffic.

Aussie, aussie, aussie…

23 Comments on “Australia Day”

  1. Happy Australia Day! In your honour, I am going to go home after work and wrap up in an extra large sheepskin blanket, with my imatation kangaroo hide slippers, zip open a 32 oz can of Fosters (cause as all red blooded americans know, thats Australian for beer) and watch a croc hunters maraton on Animal Planet and wish it was still summer here. Have a great day, enjoy


  2. James, I was starting to think no one would give me an ‘oi, oi, oi’. 🙂

    Tom, fosters is Australian for “tastes like piss”, but I hope you have fun anyway.


  3. Oi Oi Oi!!

    I’m skint, I’m in the UK…
    But Dammit I’m going to the Aussie bar and party tonight!!

    You knows it. Yes, yes you do.


  4. If memory serves correct, January 26 (it think the year was 1788) was the day Captain Arthur Phillip took possession and claimed Australia for the British Empire. It was called ‘Foundation Day’ at first and people held dinners to celebrate… Probably also got smashed back then as well.


  5. haha.. great interpretation of Australia Day, I bet it was awesome. And yeah, I tried voting but it seems like the site’s bandwidth was exceeded or something.. I’ll try back again later.


  6. I was already going on a pub crawl tonight anyway, but now I’ll make sure I have a be-lated extra beer for Australia while there! Happy Aussie day!!!


  7. oh my god, that’s not sarcasm directed at the mandatory alcoholic haze that is australia day is it? gulp… shhhhh there might be people listening


  8. Is a dream of mine to visit Australia someday. Have many friends that are currently living in Melbourne and they say wonderfull things about your country… See ya, Kitta…


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