Smoke from bush fires in the hills blanketed the sky over the weekend and made everything an eerie brown/orange colour. In the last few days six fires have raged through the eastern suburbs of Western Australia, police suspect arson. More photos on Flickr.

15 Comments on “Smoke”

  1. A few fires took nine lives in SA last week to…

    “4km in only 45 minutes”

    The one that did killed nine people moved 25km in half an hour, scary. People packing up their cars found themselves in danger a long time before they expected.

    Still, 100 people where injured during the fire so it could have been a LOT worse, although more than 100 people are homeless now.


  2. I know its a serious issue and all, but what happened to the sex related titles??? I mean you could’ve atleast said: “My Bush is on fire!” 😛


  3. Great photos, even though they are taken from the cause of fire. It was pretty bad my end which is the next town from yours nikita. We had a few fires yesterday too. Did you get thunderstorms the other day?


  4. Bush fires via arson? My gawd! And I thought the fact that a one lone cigarette butt that was tossed out the window of a car back in the summer of 2003 was bad (causing a fire that nearly ripped through one of the largest cities in the interior of British Columbia).


  5. Fiona, not really, they were all lit by an arsonist. There’s a $100,000 reward up for information.

    Kris, yeah I think the sex related titles died.

    Hezkbel, you I took them, why would I post photos that I didn’t take to my flickr account?

    Matt, nope, no thunderstorms.

    Thanks Rufus.


  6. That reward is the highest ever offered for an arson, supposedly – and up from 25k the same morning (!). Could there be an election coming.

    I must have done something evil recently – completely forgot my cam yesterday (heavier smoke where I was than on Sun-Tues), despite numerous good intentions (for posterity), and then almost sprained something choking on the falling ash in the arvo. 😦




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