Month of the Blog

Why is it that all the weblog awards are out in January? Maybe it should be a national holiday, ‘Month of the Blog’, where all bloggers would get the month off work and be showered with love and cool gadgets. Yeah, that would totally be a good idea…

Anyway, is nominated in a few categories in the 2005 Australian Weblog Awards, and if you could spare a moment to vote it would be appreciated. The categories are:

  • Best Overall Australian Blog
  • Best Post on an Australian Blog
  • Best West Australian Blog
  • Best Humorous Australian Blog
  • Best Designed Australian Blog
  • Best Australian Personal Blog

2 Comments on “Month of the Blog”

  1. Well, you do have a point. “Month of the Blogger,” But not all people have blogs. Eh? Anyways, congratulations for the nominations(wow that rhymed).


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