There is nothing more worrying than hearing the short asian lady who is about to take your blood say, “just let me check the manual”.

Wait… You’re taking my blood – you’re about to drain cells that flow in my veins with a sharp needle into four tubes – and you need you check the manual?

All my blood cells screamed, “Swim away fromt the arm, for the love of plasma, swim!”

22 Comments on “Manual

  1. haha, it could have been worse nikita, she could have said “ahh f**k it, I’ll just wing it and see what happens!” I hope all is well!

  2. Cor Blimey!! Well I mean you NEED that dont’ya!?!

    What is your health service coming to?
    Exploding head buckets and Staff using Manuals still!

    I need to sit down.

  3. Just be glad she actually checked the manual. Imagine if she didn’t… oy veh!
    When my mom went to get a tube inserted in her arm (for chemo), neither the nurses nor the doctor knew what they were doing.
    I have faith in the medical community now…

  4. Eww… Yeah, definately a worry. If a nurse said that to me I’d be freaking out and hoping to God that I’m not gonna die, because see I’m one of the people who have this phobia of needles, so imagine if the nurse said that to me with my kind of phobia… Eeeek.

  5. Well.. the fact that you posted this entry reflects that you survived this horror.. and I’m glad! 😀

    Hey links still screwin up on ya? 😉

  6. The nurse may have been looking for help in finding your vains, if your arms are small or your vains have sunk in. Or maybe she didn’t know what size needle to use. Or maybe she recieved her degree via the internet…..

  7. Tom, she said she had to look at the manual before she even looked at my arm, and she only took a second to find one, so it wasn’t that.

  8. Maybe she had to look in the manual to see what color tube tops she needed. Different tests require different blood tubes.

  9. HI, kitta
    Its been a long time since I commented. I had my wisdom teeth and it had to be done in hospital and I had to be put under also. As they put in the IV in my arm and I heard “whoops and saw my blood squirt out of my arm up in to the air” That was the last thing you want to hear when you on the cutting table and the IV burn like hell!!! but, Whoops is some thing you don’t want to hear or see blood squirt out of you arm like a hose!! any way same thing, you don’t want to hear let me check the Manuel. Make you feel you want to get up and run but, if its for you health you have to..

    Dan Danvers , MA USA

  10. Ever almost pass out from giving blood? I did the 2nd time I ever donated…. It was a bad feeling, I starting getting burning up and feeling like I was going to throw up, but I was to stuborn to tell any of the nurses, then one of them from across the room got a glimpse of my pail face and said “Are you ok?”… Then her and a whole bunch of nurses swarmed me, got me to lay down and squeeze a ball as that heat that was overwhelming my body dissappeared only to be replaced by body freezing, almost enough to shiver……. I seriously thought I was dying, it was a bad feeling. Its gonna be hard to donate again after that, but I probably will cause someone always needs the blood.

  11. I have worked in ER’s before and never saw anyone use a manuel to take blood. This should be routine. I can understand your fear. Maybe you were her first, you lucky gal.

  12. Kris, I’ve never passed out when giving blood or having a blood test. I’m not bad with blood. I’m one of those people who look at the needle going in.

    Dan, my friend had something like that happen. They gave her a blood thinner before taking the IV out, which isn’t a good idea, because when they take it out blood went everywhere.

    Brittney, I thought the same thing at first, but then I noticed she already had the tubes and needle out.

  13. At least you didn’t have something like this happen:

    (Doctor and Intern enter examination room.)

    Doctor: “We need to take a little of you blood to run some tests.”

    (Intern jabs you with the needle.)
    Doctor: “No, try again.”

    (Intern jabs you with the needle.)
    Doctor: “No, try again.”

    (Intern jabs you with the needle.)
    Doctor: “No, try again.”

    (Intern jabs you with the needle.)
    Doctor: “No, try again.”

  14. Kitta, it doesn’t bother me in the least to have a needle stuck in my arm, and blood sucked out either, the reason why I almost fainted had nothing to do with how it looked. It was just after they sucked out a pint of blood, since I didn’t eat before hand, and my blood pressure was high to begin with, it was too much blood, and my body couldn’t handle the loss. (P.s. and no I am not a drug addict either if thats the impression this post gives! haha :P)

  15. Just noticed the latest cam shot. I can tell Kitta is feeling better and sporting some of her fine jewellery. You are still lovely…

  16. oh my I was woefully off topic there…let’s Kitta you really got my blood going…wait Elizabeth…this is the big one…I’m coming to see ya……

  17. Hi kitta ,love your flickr stuff… I have a question about bittorrent. How does it work ?If you can help please e-mail me.

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