Trillian 3’s encyclopaedia feature makes for some odd chats. At first it’s kind of cool, but it soon turns into that friend who tells you random bits of information that you don’t want to know while you nod, smile and think “Does this person have a degree in randomcrapology?” Or that bloody Microsoft Office assistant that you wish would stop bugging you about letter templates and go clip some paper together or jump off a desk.

5 Comments on “Depends”

  1. That would get annoying, every word here has two or more meanings, depending on what part of the country your in.

    “Crapology” “Depends”, ha, I like the way you connect the two. Almost wet mind laughing.


  2. You got a typo there…”jump ofF the table”…ooo you pay for trillian? I got trillian pro 2 off the net…worth the upgrade?


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