If I’m feeling better by Thursday, I want to head to the Breadbox in Northbridge and check out the Supermart exhibition.

“A place where art meets consumerism and where purchasing becomes an art.”


The idea is the gallery is set up to look like a supermarket; including aisles, a checkout and shopping baskets. You can walk around and buy the art as you would your groceries.

I’ve been craving for some Knitted Donuts and Pre-Packaged Finger Food, I also want to pick up Someone Else’s Shopping List, a Pocket-sized Docket and Some Other People’s Photographs.

For more information check out or if you’re a native Perthian, head down to the Breadbox Gallery, 233 James St Northbridge, before December 30th.

Oh, and don’t forget to nominate your favourite aussie blogs in the 2005 Australian Blog Awards.

2 Comments on “Supermart”

  1. Would have liked to try some “tastings from the golden hoof”. If that don’t make your stomach rumble, I don’t know what will.


  2. I love the Supermart idea, wish I could go. I thought Hobart was meant to be the place of innovative cultural events; we need something like this down here. I nominated you for the 2005 blog awards Kitta. Hope you had a Chrissie and may you have a happy/healthy 2005!


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