From The Garden

All images are copyright 2004
All images are copyright 2004
All images are copyright 2004

Taken in my garden a few days ago, see more at Flickr.

13 Comments on “From The Garden”

  1. damn you and your brilliantly blue sunny skies…damn you to hell. Not that I’m bitter or anything you see…

    Is this part of the LRM’s plan to take over the world? Take all the good weather to where he is?

    Just joking by the way. I really do have to sort my Nikon out.


  2. hi kitta! i was just commenting on your pictures of your garden. you know, there’s a big photo contest taking place in new york right now, and they take sent in photos via mail. the winner of each catagory (50 catagories) wins 100 dollars. and the winner overall recieves 1000 dollars. if i can find the address, i’ll comment it to you. *Mandy


  3. Flowers in December. Oh you Australians and your nice weather. Rain-snow for Ohio. It’s a bipolar state. Beautiful pictures though. Very jealous.


  4. Those are lovely pictures! Wish I had a digital camera to do pictures like that. Wait… I do have a camera! Er… wish I had weather like yours… yeah that’s it. *ahem* 🙂


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