Dear Santa 2004

Dear Santa,

Once again, I have decided to blog my Christmas wish list – as I said last year, “Paper is so not the cool thing to do”. I now present you (and my friends & family) with a list of things I would like for Christmas. Don’t bother checking your list, I’ve totally been good this year Santa Baby, promise. 😉


P.S. The little red monkey said to say he’s too busy to write you a list, he mumbled something about an army of robots, but he wanted you to know that all he wants for Christmas is to rule the world, that and a little red scarf.

8 Comments on “Dear Santa 2004”

  1. I think the little red monkey would look adorable in a little red scarf. Doesn’t the monkey have a granny or someone who can knit a scarf for him?


  2. Hey Kitta..just stopped by to say happy holidays. Red monkey could use a coat, scarf and shovel while you’re at it.

    Shovel is for taking over the world of course (gotta beat those world leaders with something).


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