Kids These Days

Today my mother witnessed a kid, about 14 years old, walk up to our drive way and onto the lawn. She thought he was coming to the door, until he stoped right in front of one of our garden lights, casually pulled it out of the ground, placed it on the lawn, and then walked off…

Are kids seriously so bored these days that they randomly pull garden lights out of the ground in stranger’s yards for no reason?

Johnny: Mum, I’m bored.
Mum: Then go find something to do.
Johnny: There is nothing to do.
Mum: Of course there’s something to do, go pull garden lights out of strangers yards.
Johnny: Yeah, that’ll be hella cool!

Do kids still say ‘hella cool’ these days?

19 Comments on “Kids These Days”

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    just kidding…they spammed the hell out of my entire site. How do I prevent this?


  2. YES, kids are retarded these days!! They have all these video games systems, DVDs, internet, toys and they still go around and do stupid shit to people’s yards. I don’t think it’s a matter of being bored, more than it is wanting to cause trouble.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the earrings in your cam pic! Did you make those? I’m also a big jewelry maker and sell some of my stuff online too. Wow, you do great work! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, and FYI the new layout isn’t up yet, I’m still working on it.


  3. I don’t know about the kids, and I’m not sure about ‘hella cool’, but I still say ‘hella’ a lot. Granted, that’s usually only when I’m making fun of one stereotype or another. But then that’s what stereotypes are for, right?


  4. I know another girl who still says “Hella Cool” 😛

    Kids aren’t made to think about anything it seems, like in our front lawn we have slate shale instead of grass…
    …Silly us obviously as most of it gets carried off by kids wanting to chuck them at stuff!

    Silly kiddies, why can’t they stay home and blow their own garage doors off? 😛


  5. narh there’s no more hella ya… its more “mofo dat was da bomb” which i think means “take cover, the germans are coming with turkish bread rolls”…

    look after yourself matey, cos you havent been sounding crash hot the past few weeks..


  6. Yes, I did make the earrings in my current cam image. I’ll have to get some more of the leaves that I used; I’ve had a few people ask me to make them a pair. Do you have some pictures of your jewellery online Mindi?

    Loddy, yeah when I was a kid I just blew things up, not near anyone of course. Kept me entertained for hours.

    Well Alex, mofo dat was da bomb.


  7. I think kids today aren’t brought up to respect other people’s property. By the age of 14 it is probably too late to do so. Sounds like the kid needs attention which is another failure of many parents. Some kids are just fukwads and and need their hinnies kicked…


  8. Well, quite a few people I know still use “hella cool,” but we’re all in our twenties. And living in the USSA. So I don’t know if that helps at all…but, yeah, we say that. Then again, we still say “Rock on” and “Peace out,” too.


  9. I don’t think anyone says “Hella cool” anymore, that ’80’s phase passed I think with the decline of skate-‘culture’, so now I thinks its more ‘awesome dude’ or rad, because thats, well, just awesome…


  10. Hella cool is still used from time to time with Pugs. And well we accept it here in Canada as an ok way to say something is wicked or awsome.

    Speaking of Canada you should so come visit us here Kitta. We are a fun bunch at the Shinyplasticbag. If not we may have to plan a trip to the Down Under as it were. But if it were Down Under it would be upsidedown would it not? Well its like twenty minutes to one in the morning so I am gonna go but have a good one.


  11. well over the other side of Perth here, there is a lot of Solar Powered Garden Lights being pinched. Whole neighbourhoods are being done over-
    How sad is that…?


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