This is 2014

I didn’t sleep much last night, about 5 hours; I was up at about 6am doing a few things, waiting to take my asthma medication at 8am. Then after taking it I laid down for a nap, just an hour or two…

I woke up and looked around, “What just happened, why is it dark?” I look at the clock, “Fuck! Why is it 10:19pm?!”

I was a tad freaked out at first. It was like only a second had passed by, like I blinked and suddenly it was 10pm. I slept right through the allocated times for taking my medication, missed lunch and dinner, missed ‘The Amazing Race’, and now I feel totally out of it. To add to the confusion, Sergio tried to convince me that 10 years had passed.

Sergio: Dude, you got beamed in time.
Nikita: I know.
Nikita: Fucking weird.
Sergio: You’ve been missing for the last 10 years, you know that?
Nikita: Hahaha, shut up.
Sergio: This is 2014.
Sergio: We’re an uber evolved civilisation now.
Nikita: Funny how no blogs have updated in ten years.
Sergio: Ah, yeah… that’s ’cause we went on strike when you disappeared.

I hate to say this, but I was so confused that I actually checked the date quickly… Just to be sure.

I do feel pretty good though, really refreshed, as one would after that much sleep. My body must have needed to catch up on lost sleep, but it would have been nice if I had received some sort of a memo about The Great Sleep, something along the lines of, “Kitta, huge sleep planned, Dec 2nd. Be there.”

My new nickname is ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

15 Comments on “This is 2014”

  1. funny how these quack-subscribed medicines mess around with your brain, which I guess is part of what they’re supposed to do. That’d be one of many reasons I encourage as little use of medicine as possible…ah well, here’s hoping you feel better soon, I hear the summer is gonna be pretty good in Oz, best one they’ve had in 9 years since that one way back in 2004.


  2. Luke, I don’t think it was the ‘quack-subscribed medicines’ which made me sleep for so long. This virus/infection that I’ve had has put my body under a lot of stress and over the past 2 months I haven’t slept very much. If it wasn’t for the medications I’ve been on the infection could have killed me. I too encourage little use of medications, but when you are terribly ill, like I have been, you do need them.


  3. This is an impressive site. If you are having trouble sleeping at the times you want to then try out something called Melatonin. It is at cheap and does not do anything crazy or have side effects. Take it about half an hour before you want to go to sleep. Problem solved. As a college student I couldn’t live without it.


  4. hahaha… i hate when that happens, you remain with face of WTF happened, why it is so dark???…damn i fell sleep all day long xD =) when I was young I took medicines for the asthma too, that medicines makes me feel sleepy 😛


  5. Glad to hear you had a good sleep, can only help. And good news, seeing how it is only 11:09pm Thursday night here, it hasn’t happened yet, so you get to do it all again tomorrow. 🙂


  6. Now I know I ain’t “NaS” “”Snoop Dogg” or even “Mobb Deep”
    If I realeased an album it might not be one you’d keep…
    But I’m laying down a freestyle, whose words aren’t very deep,
    I’m Loddy and chillin, cuz Kitta Finally got some Sleep!

    Seriously Kitta, fo’s shizzle, glad you had a Napizzle. lol.

    – Luv Loddy x


  7. Deep sleep is good because it really rest your body. When your friend Sergio joked with you about being 10 years out, it reminded me of the movie Army of Darkness when the actor (Bruce Campbell) overdosed on some magic potion that made him sleep for centuries. Anyways, it’s good to hear you’re on the road to recovery.


  8. I sounded a bit too preachy there didn’t I? One of my less appealing traits is a tendency to put size 7 foot in big fat mouth too often, as above. Don’t take it as a slight on you, its just me being my usual unhelpful self. I haven’t a clue what you’ve been feeling like at all, and I hope you get back to being able to fall soundly asleep and feel full of beans every day. I sort of know what it feels like not being able to sleep properly for ages, so I can empathise. Only in our sleep do we inhabit a world that is entirely our own, and judging by how much I appreciate this ‘world’ of mine for the odd 4-8 hours a night, I hope you get back to yours real soon.

    Maybe a good old dose of PKMOWASP to get you asleep?


  9. several years ago my wife and i were on holiday in western australia in the margret river wine region… we found this amazing little place to stay overnight called cape lodge. they didn’t have any rooms left that night but they did have a cottage which was fantastic!

    we had such an amazing time in WA and were so completely relaxed that we lost track of the date… we had a sudden panic that we’d missed our flights back to the UK! we call the hotel receptionist and asked what the day was! he response was superb: “what a fantastic position to be in” she said…

    we hadn’t missed the flight and she was absolutely right!

    nothing wrong with loosing a bit of time now and then 😉



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