The Amazing Dancing Heart

Last week I went to my doctor, again, I was concerned that I wasn’t getting enough sleep (2 hours if I was lucky) and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I sat in her office and I had an overwhelming feeling of stress, both mentally and physically, she looked at me and said “you look so tired” and I felt like I wanted to cry.

For the last few weeks I’ve been telling people that I haven’t been sleeping well, but they seem to shrug it off, like it’s nothing of concern, or tell me how they’ve only slept so many hours. It’s a game show where who ever has the least hours of sleep wins a prize. So it was a relief to finally have someone take note. I told her my symptoms, such as severe headaches, lack of mental clarity, and a few other odd symptoms. She gave me a worried look, and then told me that it sounded like I’ve been having sleep and oxygen deprivation, and that my body had started to become very stressed because of it.

She decided to put me on asthma medication, to see if it would clear up the inflammation in my lungs, and even though I was told it would take 3 weeks to have a full effect, I could feel my lungs open up after just one dose. I could finally breathe again.

It’s quite a large dose that I’m on, so I’m experiencing quite a few side effects from it. Such as a feeling of surprise I was warned about, loss of appetite, a feeling of my mind racing and trembling hands. My heart is also palpitating, and at times it feels like it’s going to jump out of my chest and do a little dance…

“Ladies and gentlemen… Roll up, roll up… For the amazinggggg dancing heart! See it shake its aorta to the top 20!”

Cirque Du Soleil got nothing on me.

Apart from the aorta shaking heart, I am feeling better, much better. I’m still not sleeping at night, but I can now sleep during the day; which is heaven. I think the shit phase is passing.

Note: Before you comment, please know that the side effects stated above are common and I am under close supervision of my doctor.

18 Comments on “The Amazing Dancing Heart”

  1. Sometimes the drugs that help the most, make you feel worse the the illness. You seem to have been ill for such a long time, I hope this will help you. I hate being ill for even one day. Get well soon.


  2. I am so glad your feeling better! Your dancing heart made me laugh, they say a good sign of recovery is getting your sense of humor back. I actually don’t think you lost yours because your much too clever, but you may have been to tired to type. Maybe your in love! It has some of the same symtoms, Jungle love, OEOEO, hehehehe, glad your feeling better Kitta:)
    now, back to singen
    …Jungle Love OEOEO


  3. you no what, my sister is asmantic and she take ventalin bextosol,, it always makes her shake and also has caused her to have pulpitations and now she has a heart murmer,so be warned kitta the after effects wont be fatal, my sister is fine, but the steriods they gave her made her a bra size bigger, small price to pay so one can breath hu


  4. pitter-patter
    little better
    little better
    get’n better
    get’n better
    get’n well
    dance like hell


  5. Hey Kitta, you’ve been sick for such a long time now 😦 But it sounds like maybe you’re starting to get a little better. Maybe this huge sickness will mean that for years and years you will stay sick-free! 🙂 Get well soon!!!


  6. A friend of mine has been on anti-depressant medication for the past five years, so far the side affects have been:

    1. Sleep (Yes, just too much sleep).
    2. Heart fluttering.
    3. Bad gas.
    4. Addiction to the drug.

    After five years of use he is no better of than when he started.

    Still, you are not taking that medicine so no need to worry 🙂


  7. Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

    No harm in getting a second, third, fourth . . . medical opinion and really nailing down the cause.

    I hope you can find a better treatment.



  8. Stu, why don’t they put good side effects like that on the leaflet?… “Warning, may make your boobs bigger, buy new bras.”

    Anne, I hope so. Ever since Harry died things have been horrible.

    Ddewy, crap-shit-fuck. 🙂


  9. My mum has been reading these books by a doctor called igor tabrizian, igor (bless his weird name) has been researching lots of different illnesses and their connections to lack of trace elements and with losts of different EVIL food additives.
    a couple of the elements that are naturally lacking in aussie soils are zinc and magnesium.

    Zinc is used to make seratonin and meletonin, the happy and anti-insomnia chemicals, magnesium is used for the same thing and having a deffieciency in either can lead to anxiety, insomnia, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) clinical depression, A lack of zinc also makes your body produce more histemines than it needs to – giving a permantly blocked nose and respiratory problems and it can cause eczema. Not having enough magnesium can lead to being over tired, as it makes it so that your muscels are unable to really relax properly (especially if their is an excess of copper, which causes muscels to tense up) Australia has an abnormally high rate of most of those.

    You seem to have most of those symptoms, i’ve been taking supplements of zinc and magnesium and they really help with my insomnia and my anxiety. Just thought i’d let you know.


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