32 Hours

The antibiotics I’m taking read…

“Take ONE capsule FOUR times daily every EIGHT hours.”

Clearly, one must need some sort of a time slowing device, because there are only 24 hours in a day (unless the world voted on 32 hour days and forgot to mention it to me) and you’d need at least 32 hours to take one tablet every eight hours. ๐Ÿ˜•

I love how they put the numbers in caps, like four, eight and one are attention whores…


19 Comments on “32 Hours”

  1. I suppose if you took pill #1 at noon on the first day, then #2 at 8 pm and #3 at 4 am, taking #4 at noon again *could* be construed as being part of the same 24-hour period (of course, I’m the kind of person who will argue to the death that the 21st century did not start until Jan 1st of 2001…)


  2. Let’s see…ONE capsule…FOUR times DAILY…every EIGHT hours…

    Hmm…the public school system in America is pretty sad, but I do know that I can do simple math. Who wasn’t thinking when they typed THAT label??


  3. This is either utter stupidity, or it works like this:

    #1: 12:00 AM
    #2: 8:00 AM
    #3: 4:00 PM
    #4: 12:00 AM

    Although then it would overlap, but perhaps you’re supposed to do that. Then you get extras. Or maybe, you’re supposed to take two at midnight.


  4. Maybe they (the chemists/doctors) are running at the same day length as the Men In Black do…a 32 hour day. Come to think of it, a 32 hour day would make so much more sense. It would mean more sleep hours (at least 8 yay!!) in between work (8 hours, assuming 9-5), and then 16 hours left…..more time for family (2 hours max..I love them but not that much ha ha!!) and friends (1.5 hours) and going out (4 hours) before you have to get home, read a chapter or ten of Harry Potter or The Rape of Nanking (although this may not be suitable bedtime reading) before bed and then go to work.

    I think the human body can adjsut quite easily. Here I am 42 hours awake and I can still go on a bit. Now to set about changing the rotation of the earth…perhaps TLRM would like to come help?


  5. No, I’m not meant to take TWO (LOOK AT ME) at midnight or FOUR (OMG) for the first 24 hours. It’s a repeat of the same antibiotics and the last box said take ONE (DON’T YOU GO LOOKING AT OTHER NUMBERS) capsule THREE (I’M SOOO HOT) times a day every EIGHT (NO REALLY, DOES MY ASS LOOK BIG IN THIS FONT?) hours, so it’s clearly a misprint.

    And the little red monkey is so open too plans of changing the earths rotation, just tell him when and where to meet.


  6. Doctors/Pharmiacists just love to screw with everyone’s heads don’t they? I’ll bet they’re just waiting for you to call in and be all confused so that they can explain the label to you and feel superior… ha ha ha ha ; )


  7. no matter how screwed up the hours/days/pills situation is, it’s really really really important that you finish the bottle no matter what. I don’t mean to take them all at once, but to finish them one at a time.. otherwise, your defenses will be lacking and you’ll have to move to a stronger alternative. It’s kinda complicated.. lets just keep it at that ๐Ÿ˜›

    Oh, and I had to take antibiotics after getting my wisdom teeth removed and they were one every six hours… maybe that’s what they meant?


  8. This one is easy to work out … Just keep flying arounf the world in a west ward direction until you have had all of the pills. Doing this would extend the amount of hours in a given day. See simple.

    Or like Kitta says,it’s probably a misprint and on that I’d say it’s not too wise to fire up the Lear Jet


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