Tree Ports

My brother and I were watching Russell Coight’s celebrity challenge. Chrissie (the model) was sitting with a Powerbook in her lap, tapping away while explaining her website to one of her fellow campers…

Me: I didn’t know they have WIFI in the outback.
My Brother: Yeah, but not WIFI, there’s ports in all the trees.
Me: So the cables go through the roots?
My Brother: Pretty much.

11 Comments on “Tree Ports”

  1. Well I didn’t see (and never seen) the show so I don’t know if she was actually surfing the Internet. Maybe she has Apache installed in her Powerbook and ran the website via localhost? Just a guess.


  2. Is that the poser dude that pulls a “Crocodile Dundee” on his own TV show but was actually an underwear model from the big city?

    Anyway, the picture of him on top of a semi-submerged 4×4 at his site’s gallery has sound attached to it (just click the picture). I listened to it like 6 times, and still can’t make out a single word.


  3. Rod, yeah I’m pretty sure aussies only get it.

    Sergio, no, it’s the guy from ‘The Panel’ and ‘Kath and Kim’, he did another show called a while back called ‘All Aussie Adventures’. His shows are about a guy named Russell Coight who thinks he’s a bushman, but he’s the kind of guy that will burn down the camp. Pretty much a piss take. And he’s saying ‘get behind’, there’s a few more sound bites on the challenge page.


  4. I found that part really amusing where she was showing the guy her website and her diary and her thought of the day and then daid her agent writes that part :p


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