Shit Phase

Remember how I blogged about my doctor telling me that I looked like shit? Well, it turns out that she actually wrote that down in my medical file…

“Possible lung infection. Patient looks like shit.”

Let this be known as the looking like shit phase.

24 Comments on “Shit Phase”

  1. is “shit” a medical term? i really dont trust the docs here … by best friend is a doctor, prob is she live in finland .. so i sms here the symptoms and she tell me if i need to go to the hospital or not … kitta if you need a 2nd opinion i can give you her details haha … maybe your condition will be downgraded to “death warmed up”


  2. Woah lol I luv your doc lol Did any of you see that Sienfeld where whatever their doc wrote on their file followed them forever…even to the next doctor lol The doc would say I’d erase it and then make like he was erasing it but when they looked at their file they said hey that’s written in pen…shady!


  3. Kitta, you being ill is wrong. Just WRONG!
    Hehe… This is my first “Kitta is ill” phases while being a dweller… It’s weird… I’m getting withdrawal…

    Out Damned Infection!! Out I say!!


  4. “Dennis has a low-grade fever associated with the flu. Prescribed bed rest only. He was wearing nice corduroy brown pants. I suspect he stole two tongue swabs and a stethoscope.”


  5. The last visit I had with the doctor on campus (college) they simply called me a junkie asking for a fix. I went in for anti-biotics to a strep throat.

    I’ll take looking like shit anyday.


  6. Aww, Kitts, we love you best when you look like shit! I need to talk to you soon, cos imma see Joy, and I need to know if you want me to give her anything (apart from a big snog) or tell her anything. I hope you’re feeling better dude, and I’d ask the doctor to clarify that remark… shit can look very different.. is she referring to animal shit or person shit etc? All in a day’s work for a doctor I guess. 😡


  7. Lung infection? I had that! It was a mild form of Pneumonia, ended up with scaring on the lung and all kinds of crap. Caused me to miss a year of university, so I hope you fair better! 🙂


  8. Chuckg, maybe the doctor was the junkie, wanted to keep all the drugs for themself.

    Ella, I emailed you. 🙂

    Stephan, why would you pay to see it? It was sitting right next to me most of the time and here they give it to you so you can take it back to the reception desk when you leave.


  9. The reason I asked if you had to pay (let alone see it at all) for your medical record was that here in the states (Texas to be specific) you almost never can get your hands on your medical records. Some doctors will release things like CT scans and MRI’s for a fee but to get your whole record is an accomplishment. I even got in trouble once for opening up the manila folder they stick outside of your door while you are waiting for the doctor to come in.


  10. lol, i looked like shit once, infact some ppl say i still do! lol. who is your doctor cos i gotta see her, then mayb take her for a drink and then well, who knows! thanks for the laff m8ey.


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