Spam Anyone?

My first big spam attack, 60+ comments, and my baby caught them all.


15 Comments on “Spam Anyone?”

  1. Are you using any spam catching plugins just now? Im getting hammered with spam really bad as well and am just relying on the built in feture of WP just now but Its still a pain!


  2. For some reason, I started getting hit with comment spam a few weeks ago, and have averaged about 20 a day since. Is it because I think George W. Bush is an idiot? Maybe he ordered his god to smite me. Sorry, off topic.

    WP wasn’t catching them until I added the common spam words list about a week ago, and since then, I haven’t had any problems.


  3. Ugh. I hate comment spammers, they’ve been a headache for about a week now. Great thing WP has a plugin which closes old posts from getting comments as well as a blacklist. Love WP!


  4. JJ, yes ‘the Oprah show dream’ was an entry in my blog.

    Dan, I think it’s Singapore, but I might be wrong.

    Kris, like ‘the Oprah show dream’, ‘the hairy tomato’ was also an entry in my blog, not spam. It shows the subject of the entry which the spam was posted on.


  5. “Whose Skyline is it Anyway?” – By Loddy

    I’m Sure I’m sure it’s not Singapore
    Though I too could also be wrong
    But I searched on google, and I reckon it’s Hong Kong

    How quaint, I should probably not poems in future though hehe.

    It should be Hong kong harbour, here’s a link:

    Um, I’m not trying to be a know it all mind you, I’m just really so very very bored… 🙂
    Tis a lovely funky skyline though hey?


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