The Graduate

It’s official. Lady Rikku has graduated from puppy school. I attended the event and took so many photos that people started to wonder of the camera was, like, attached to my face permanently (I’ll upload the pictures later).

When time came to test what the puppies had learnt, Rikku passed with flying colours. She sat like she’d been sitting in a past life, she went down like it was nothing special and she gave her paw like no other puppy has ever given their paw. She also completed stay, something which only one other puppy present could grasp. She was the shit.

Lady Rikku

After much love, attention and treats were showered upon her for her good job, we asked Rikku what she wanted to do with her life now that she had graduated. She was quiet for some time, she was probably thinking about the large amount of choices that lay in front of her or maybe she was thinking about chewing my jacket. Then suddenly she barked, well, it was more of a snort, but we all knew what she meant.

She didn’t want to be one of those puppies that has puppies before they’re doggies and cashes in on the governments $3000 a pup policy, she wanted to make something of herself, get out of this small town and become something. Stop licking herself and go out there and be some dog, the dog. We advised her that the road to achieving her dreams may be rough, but we’ll always be there to walk her down it on her lead. Later, I heard her humming the words… “I’m not a pup, not yet a doggyyyy, all I needdd is time, time to dig a hole and pee on a rugggg”. She’s a bit of a Britney fan you see.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you, the class of 2004…

The Class of 2004

Sorry, the class of 2004 were all way too busy chasing each other to stay still for a photo.

14 Comments on “The Graduate”

  1. aww congrats rikku. I have to admit that I sometimes sing along B spears. when I”m alone of course. I wish lady rukku luck in all her future projects.


  2. Thats amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dogs can hum to songs….. Wait a minute, you can hum words to a song??? So dogs can hum words to songs??? Thats EXTRA amazing!!!! WOW! (I’m so confused…..) Thats one groovy dog I tell ya!


  3. damn! ¬¬ i didnt say happy birthday on time, but never is too late… NEVER so… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and if u can take a roll around mexico i can give u your present 😀


  4. That last picture of the dogs messing around looks a bit like my high school class after graduation. In any case, congratulations to both Rikku and you. 🙂


  5. Congratulations on your sucessful graduation. The future holds many great things for you now. Like extra special treats, a nice soft doggy bed and a diamond studded collar!


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