Puppy School

Once she was let off her lead and placed upon the tiled floor, Rikku instantly sizes up her opponents. To the left stands a Border Collie, licking it’s, umm… private parts, and to the right a Rottweiler, drooling heavily. Being the brave dare-dog that she is, Rikku decided to tackle the Rottweiler first. She slowly started to creep up behind it, edging closer and closer until it turned its head and looked straight at her, she suddenly starts bounding towards it, completely forgetting that she is a Silky Terrier/Chihuahua.

“Awww what a cute puppy… She’s a feisty one.”

I’ve been attended puppy school with Candy (the human friend) and Rikku (the puppy, which needs an education) because I was told that Rikku was beating up the others puppies during previous classes, and I just had to see it for myself. I was amazed, in awe, and dying of laughter when I saw that the little ball of fluff I lovingly call ‘Lady Rikku’ was beating up the other (much larger) puppies, I even had to grab her and make her have some lap-out-time because she was getting too rough.

“My, isn’t she energetic, she just keeps going and going and…”

After some talk about puppy food, the puppy school teacher went around the class asking each owner what they feed their pup, and when it was Candy’s turn to share I felt like saying “well, she’s on crack, as you can see”, but I thought that it might not have gone down well, there were innocent little puppies present.

“She’s umm… Different.”

Her legs seem to be growing at a fast pace and her body is yet to catch up, she looks a bit odd at the present time, like some strange African dog that has long legs for running and a small head for doing small head stuff. I still love her though, well, when she’s not chewing my hair.

“It’s like she has the mind of a German Shepard and the body of a Chihuahua.”

She’s the smartest dog in her puppy class… ok, I know I’m her Auntie and it’s my job to say those kinds of things… but it is true. Candy is contemplating enrolling her in agility classes after she completes puppy and doggy school and there are even talks of getting Rikku into doggy modelling/acting. She is already toilet trained, can sit, drop (Harry can’t even drop, unless of course food is involved), and is pretty close to roll over, she can also stand on Candy’s shoulders and not fall off. She’s a star, a star I tell you (but she’ll have to check into rehab if she doesn’t get that drug problem under control).

Lady Rikku

23 Comments on “Puppy School”

  1. rikku is adorable! I wish I could sit in on a puppy school class. happy 20th kitta. I’ve been offline for a bit since my computer took a crap.


  2. My best friend (human friend) just finished going through puppy training school with his lab. He and his wife told me how the little dogs in the class looked up to his dog (biggest of the bunch). Being larger, the other dogs would approach him really carefully, then do what Rikku did to the Rot. It would just be in good-natured fun, of course. My friend’s dog would get down on its haunches. Then, the other dogs would get down on their hunches. Then, they’d both do the quick, jerky thing that basketball players do to try to fake each other out. It’s pretty funny watching dogs play together!


  3. You have a very obedient dog! All that my dog does are eat, poop, run around the backyard making a huge pile of mess, and slam my garage door (where I live) at odd hours of the night. But then again, he’s not trained at all :P.


  4. My Mother’s last dog was not particularly bright but my was she sweet. She was also prone to strange behavioural outbursts. She would often prance down the street normally then out of nowhere she would go into a full hand (or paw) stand with her back end straight up in the air and start running. That’s right run while doing a hand-stand. Now that was cute and some would say entertaining. No one taught her to do it either. What really got the crowds going though was when she would do her running hand-stand routine whilst peeing.


  5. My god kitta, since you first posted her pics, she was just a tiny little thing, now she’s getting big! But she’s still cute as ever. lol. I love watching dogs play together. My dogs are old and don’t play with each other, but um Ginger tries to play with the cats lol. I got a kitten which attacks her when she isn’t looking, its pretty funny. Oh! Happy Belated B-day! I hope you had a good one!


  6. Are you going to use the photo as your inspiration for your next design, Kitta? Great colour co-ordination! And Rikku of course ๐Ÿ™‚ That would really be a site with attitude!


  7. I can’t get over your amazing imagination, and razor sharp wit! I can’t think of anyone I’ve met, that can tell stories quite as good as you do! I’m in awe.


  8. Pugs, I’m sure it must be cheaper, since she’s so small.

    Rach, she has grown quite a bit, mainly in her legs. She’s still cute as ever though.

    Kris, I’m not sure why but I’ve always been good with telling stories (true or made up). Thanks for your comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Daniel, she was actually chewing that bar stool while I sat on it, making it unstable.


  9. Kitta, I do not want to pull attention away from your very cute puppy, but I had a sort of cool idea for everyone on your blog.
    I thought it would be cool to actually hear your voice in mp3 format
    telling some short stories about yourself. I like the idea…. I could be wrong?? Have a great week ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. AHH! *waves* I’m so behind and haven’t visited here for awhile. My bad.. Good to see you’re still here. YAY! I hope you had a fantastic 20th Birthday! No longer in the teens. And I remember when you were 18, hehehe. Aww.. ;o)

    I got an Ipod for my Birthday too, aren’t we cool! ๐Ÿ˜€ xoxox


  11. Your newest webcam picture looks like it should be on the back of a best selling novel with you as the author. Sexy librarian chic.


  12. When I trained our pooch I found and old German woman for the task. She almost had me doing the Goose step before it was over. Her method was to train the owners..the dogs caught on pretty quiclky after that. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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