Version 2.0


The big 2-0.

Version 2.0.

00110010 00110000.

Yesterday I turned 20, and yesterday I was told numerous times that I am now a responsible adult, an adult that is no longer allowed to do stupid immature things, (like blowing up the garage) but I can now do stupid mature things (like blowing up the garage again, but this time recording it all and selling the tape for profit). Yesterday, I also forgot to pay my net bill (oops!), so there goes the whole responsible adult thing.

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing during the next 20 years of my life, maybe Uni, or I could travel and there is always some funky monkey circus to join and such. I do know that I’ll be sharing those years with some pretty cool friends. So I want to say thank you and I love you to everyone I know. They know who they are.

The quote of the day goes to my mother, who said, “Just think in 80 years you’ll be 100!”

32 Comments on “Version 2.0”

  1. HAPPY BIIIRTHDAY !!!! (Accompanied by streamers and clapping). Let us know when you join the circus – just don’t let the Little Red Monkey near any audiences !


  2. As long as we explore the new, we know youth. The milestone known as adulthood is merely the wisdom ganed through that experience. The trick is to not misplace this secret along the way.


  3. heres a quick summary of the twenties:

    [skip 20, its worthless (sorry)]
    whew 21. yeah, 21 wahoo isgreattabtentywonn wahoo wahoo, whoo 22, yeah, whoo, no more lite beer, whoo. 23 ok, cool. i’m old, i should find a gf soon, nah fuck it, whooo i’m drunk, and i’ll sleep with them instead. 24, ok… these years are so great, but now that i’m working in my career i go to sleep at 11, which means drinking faster… 25 uh oh, i shoulda found that wife two years ago. Screw it i’ll drink instead. 26-ah hell, i have a liver problem. too much jack daniels, F. 27 Life, 28 Flying, 29 By, bang. Nooooooooooooooooo!


  4. Happy birthday dude.

    Dont worry. 20’s arent that scary. Noone really expects responsible adulthood until 23, or maybe 24.

    And if they dont… screw em. Immaturity is too much fun to be spoiled by mere age.


  5. Hi! Sorry I’m late… I got to work late only to find that Tech “support” still haven’t setup my new PC!! So no net access right now while I’m at work!

    Anyhoo! Once again Kitta, many happy returns, or Hippy Birthithdith as Pooh Bear would say… Your pressie will get to you soon I promise!!

    Luv Loddy! (that’s Loddy, of the 3 dots…) πŸ™‚
    Thank you, and Happy Birthday…


  6. Happy Day after your Birthday, Kitta!

    I had tons of energy and my brain was still sharp in my 20s. I should have gone to Uni instead of doing crap jobs. I’d have had more fun AND l would have been more responsible at the same time.


  7. Happy birthday,
    Though, I’m not sure turning 20 changes one’s mind a lot. ^^;
    For me, I’ll be 22 next week and I don’t feel so mature ^^;


  8. Happy Birthday! I’m turning 30 in a few weeks and I still don’t feel mature! Hehe, kidding Age is all in the mind. Most of my friends are 7-10 years younger than me with a few older. Just do what makes ya happy and you’ll never feel old! πŸ˜‰


  9. Happy Birthday,

    I guess with all that adult hood, you can now accept those requests from people to strip nude on camera (just kidding).

    Seriously, Happy birthday. I assume you still live in your parents house. Well, I am 23 and have been out of mine since April and my my aren’t the bills fun. Just got back from my honeymoon on Saturday and what do I see in the mail, an overdraft letter from the bank. Apparently our account decided to go sub $0 while we were gone. Good thing for family and friends being generous with gifts and money πŸ™‚

    Happy birthday again. What is the legal drinking/gambling age over there? Its 21 in the states, but I just got back from the bahamas where it was 18. So just curious thats all.


  10. Happy B-day from me as well… I suggest not to think of where you will be in 20 years. What seems easy now gets harder and harder the older you get. Next year, you’ll wonder where you are in 21 years, then where you will be in 22 years and so on. Imagine how difficult this will be once you’re 60. …

    However: even if I’m rather late to the party: Happy Birthday, once again.


  11. Happy b-day, Kitta! It’s gonna fly by and before you know it, it’ll be on to 21, then 25, then 32, then… well, you get the idea.



  12. I hated turning 20… I even had a miniature mid-mid-life crises… Thats right, “mid-mid”, I did the math. Now I’m 21, and realized on my last birthday, hey, now I’m legal to drink and go to bar’s in the States, not that I go there anyway, but it was something that made turning seem that much cooler! (You realize how not such a big thing it was when you find out I live in Canada, and to do anything legally around here, you have to be 19…. But I ran with the US legal age thing anyway πŸ™‚ )


  13. HAPPY BRITHDAY KITTA!!! we should all get together and get you an E-cake πŸ™‚ You still have the best part of your life coming. now blow up stuff now πŸ™‚ You are a big girl now πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    20 years old, I remeber that age, doesn’t seem all that long ago but it was.

    Dan M.


  14. Happy Birthday pretty lady! How does it feel to be on the “other side”? (<< 18 yo waits for full report)

    one problem but: your binary numbers make no sense.. :S 50 48? did i misseh the jokeh? (twenty is 00010100)


  15. arrgh php/html ate my comment!

    that was meant to say (18yo waits for full report)

    aaand your binary numbers make no sense (50 and 48 :S) – I think i missed the joke~ πŸ˜›


  16. The binary says 20, in fact…

    But anyhoo… I should be working. I make my birthdays last ALL WEEK in my house… It’s great! Everyone should have birthday weeks!


  17. well happy birthday kitta, wish i could be 20 again, it was so much fun to be 20, i was 40 in may and i still feel like 19ish, i refuse to grow up and get boaring, the secret to a good life is eat good food, lay off the junk ok


  18. so how does it feel bella? i will be there very soon myself and im not happy about it. nineteen is a great age – old enough to do what you like, young enough to still be invincible.


  19. Happy 20th birthday from Bonnie Scotland.

    A leo you say. It’s the only way to be if you ask me, my birthday is next week (although 20 was a long time ago).

    I recommend that you go out and get drunk, make a fool of yourself, take photos of the mayhem, and then post them up here for our amusement.

    Go! Go now!

    Create mayhem!


  20. “As others Leo women, u are proud and u seek the perfect man, u know that u are the Girl of the year. I simply mean, u still want to be to the top. Earning more money than others is your reason for life. Not the typical Material girl but almost …”


  21. happy birthday Kitta,you are supposed to be an adult at 20 thats what they made me think to whene i was 20,but i found out that you never stop learning at 20 30 40 …….


  22. I turned twenty 2 weeks ago and only 4 people wished me a happy birthday 😦 Happy Birthday Nikitta I hope you had a great bday πŸ™‚

    From New Zealand.


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