Black Panda Event


Last weekend I went to a friend’s wedding where the bride’s brother rocked up in a panda costume. After he hugged everyone present and took off the panda head, I inquired about the reason behind it all and it turned out that there was no “dress as a panda” printing error on his invite, and he wasn’t asked to entertain the large amounts of kiddies present while their parents got tipsy, his explanation as to why he was wearing a panda costume was simple…

He just felt like it.


The panda lied! Today I was told the truth about the panda. Years ago, when they were both very little, my friend said to her brother (the panda) that she’d never get married and he promised to her that he’d come dressed as a panda if she did get married. The promise was kept, and he attended the wedding dressed as a panda.

I now know to never trust a bloody panda…

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  1. If only more people acted like that – The world as an honest place could be a lot better. Then again, he could’ve just been out to attract the attentions of all the single women present… I’ve read (not in a reliable source) that all the emotional factors at weddings combine to create perfect “hunting grounds”…
    Uh, before I get myself into trouble, maybe he did just feel like it !


  2. even though im only 19, i have been planning my wedding already. i want all my guests to dress as the animal allocated to them via their invitation card. i love animals and the photos will turn out great!


  3. Beware the panda, for it eats bamboo shoots. You can’t trust anything that is 100% docile, they’re likely to snap like US Postal Service workers.


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  6. When one boy panda sticks his willie in another panda’s ear, that makes me a SAAAAD panda. (paraphrased from South Park).

    Sorry if I irritated anyone, I’ll go away now … -_-


  7. reminds me of a joke. A panda goes into a restaurant and orders some bamboo. when the bamboo arrives he eats it all and when the waiter comes back he shoots the waiter and leaves. one of the customers is suprised that everyone is so calm. He asks the owner what didn’t anyone panic about the pistol toting panda. “you must be new here look up panda in the dictionary” when the customer looks up panda it says: Panda -eats bamboo shoots and leaves.


  8. It’s really sad, having been told so many times in so many different, creative ways, but unfortunately, remains invalid css.

    On another, even sadder note, am I the only one who thinks Kitta is a tease? I mean, with all the photos solely of her (small) breasts.


  9. We have a crisis over at SPB Someone is sending us all video tapes with Clips from movies random shit then a music video. All seeming in the same order… Its Messed up. Do you know anything about it??? If so please let us know….


  10. Giggler: FYI, is valid CSS. If you are referring to -moz-opacity used on the nicetitles, that is not invalid, but simply more advanced, and will be valid when CSS 3 comes out, so before you go around telling people how invalid their CSS is, how about you learn what it is, first. And of course she is a tease, not in a bad way, though. Her cam pics are not at all inappropriate, and I don’t see how anyone could think any differently. It would not be appropriate for me to talk about her breasts here, but I will say that I have not seen one picture of here that is… “showing them off” (for lack of a better term).

    My $0.02.


  11. The Giggler (aka troll), what’s really sad is that even though I’ve tried many times to inform you as to why nicetitles.css isn’t valid CSS, you still put plugs in your ears and yell “invalid CSS” to all.

    Keddy, I don’t know anything about it sweetie, but remember you did TP someone’s car a while back.

    JJ, I’ve heard that joke before, there’s even a book called ‘Eats, shoots and leaves’. 😉

    Daniel ignore the troll, don’t even pat it, I’ll just delete any more bullshit it says.


  12. thats funny!! didn’t he feel strange doing it? It must been fun playing with the kids thou.

    by the way if you want the painting my Email has change my new one is with this message.

    I started a blog but I still feel strange about it! about writing and other to read it, but I sure i get use to it.

    Dan M.
    Salem, Ma USA


  13. Daniel & Kitta,

    I’m actually not referring to anything regarding css3. The actually problem exists in her xml validation – to be more specific, it doesn’t matter what level of css Kitta chooses to utilize, invalidity will nevertheless occur because:

    Please, validate your XML document first!
    Line 703 Column 255
    The entity name must immediately follow the ‘&’ in the entity reference.”

    Pretty simply problem, so … before Kitta demonstrated her immaturity by silencing any dissenting voice, please refer to some basic xml guide to find the solution.


  14. I’m not sure what you are going on about, and you’re starting to become the boy who cried “invalid”. There are no XML error messages:

    You probably tried to validate it and some code grabbed from blogsnob messed it up. Not my problem.

    Why don’t you put a link to your website so we can pick your code to bits and leave rude and non-constructive criticism?


  15. In all fairness, I can see where he is getting the validation error from (go to index.php and click the XHTML validation link, and click the link that says check it for validility (which validates CSS)).

    It’s just caused by incorrect syntax on an ampersand, not using amp; in &.

    But, I do not see what validility has to do with maturity, Giggler… and it’s just one small mistake, I doubt your site (if you have one) has perfect XHTML/CSS on every page.


  16. Hear, hear Daniel, some people just go to web sites and pick the site apart, just because they don’t have one or can’t do it!
    or they want to make them self sound big and know it all.

    I know XML and java script works fine and some times it doesn’t work with out touching it, then it works again. script is freckled thing. Kita don’t let people like that get to you it’s not worth it . I bet most likely it’s a kid ( under 18) just want to mouth off. You have a good site hear, keep up the good work. I don’t that site is his or work for that site.

    Dan M. Salem,Ma


  17. Daniel I went to your site, Nice job on the page and you are only 13??? did you do the whole site yourself or did you have help from some one? anyway, very nice job and good work

    Dan M Salem, Ma


  18. “I don’t that site is his or work for that site.”
    Of course it’s not. That’s the W3C. If the W3C has people like that working for it, it wouldn’t have near the attention it gets 😉

    And yes, I did my entire site by myself. Bin doin web design for a year and a half now, and have learned a hell of a lot. I’m glad I started early, ’cause now I’ve got a jump on the rest of the crowd. :p


  19. whoops i was an error :)) anyway you know what I meant even with on word miss out of that sentence.
    very good you did a good job.

    Dan M.


  20. whoops , there i was an error at the begining of that message ) anyway you know what I meant even with on word miss out of that sentence.
    very good you did a good job.

    sorry about that butter fingers to night :))
    Dan M.


  21. When I first came across Daniel’s site I thought for sure he was about 30. When I found out he was only 13, I was blown away, he has a lot of talent.


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