The Shame

I sat on my mother’s bed, in between her files from work and a pile of clothes. We were chatting about my brother’s birthday (he turned 21 yesterday) and I was trying to fix the case which his birthday present, an expensive pen, lived in. She asked me what I was doing for my birthday…

Nikita: “I’m not sure, it falls on a Monday so there’s not much to do, and everyone will be at work. Maybe go to dinner or something.”
Mum: “No, it falls on a Sunday.”
Nikita: “What?”
Mum: “I checked on the calendar when I was at your grandmother’s today.”

She got up and hunted through her work files to find a calendar, “Yes, see it says here your birthday falls on a Sunday, Sunday the 1st of August.” she said with reassurance.

I looked at her trying to keep a straight face. You see, I wasn’t born on the 1st of August, I came into the world on the 2nd of August and it wasn’t like I was born at 12:01am. Oh no, I was born at a good 8:01pm, so no “but you were so close to being born on the first” excuse could be used. You’d think since she was like, an active participant and all, that she’d remember, but no.

Nikita: “I was born on the 2nd not the 1st mum.”
Mum: “Oh, really?”
Nikita: “Yes.”
Mum: “That’s weird, your grandmother and I could have sworn you were born on the 1st.”
Nikita: “Oh my god. You have seriously forgotten the day I was born. The shame!”

I got up, threw my arms in the air and walked out of her room muttering “oh my god” and “the shame” a few more times for comedic value. Over the last few days I’ve been bringing it up randomly in conversations, mainly for laughs, but also to make her remember that I wasn’t born on the bloody 1st ever again. The shame.

32 Comments on “The Shame”

  1. That’s shocking behaviour! lol… Oh deary me… Mothers hey?

    My mom actually mentioned something about her birthday yesterday and I know it’s the 23rd… I just read this entry and nearly had a heart attack… Then I realised it’s in August too… Not July. Fool.

    So big sigh of relief… a month to get a present. πŸ™‚

    …Shoking Behaviour.


  2. My Dad did the same thing to me. He wrote a journal and in it wrote that i was born in the 12th. I was born on the 13th.
    Oh well. We all know that parents are not perfect πŸ™‚


  3. When I was younger I had to constantly remind my mother when my two little brothers had their birthdays. Obviously her memory must have been scrambled during all that painful labour or something.

    (She’d always remember mine though, since I was born on December 31st.)


  4. the funny thing is, I forget my own birthday at times, because it’s 08-09 and I’ve been known to write all manner of combinations, like 09-09 or 09-08

    doesn’t help when the americans make you write it the other way around 😐


  5. Don’t worry Kitta, I remember when your birthday is.. but it’s not like you’re ever going to get a present from me within about 6 months of the date! Hell I don’t even send Xmas gifts at the right time of year!!! My mum doesn’t remember anyone’s birthdays, so don’t feel too bad!


  6. Isnt that scary ….
    Maybe you actually were born on the 1st ….
    and all along maybe you’re the one who’s been wrong about your bday being on the 2nd ….

    and all along you’ve been celebrating your bday on the worg date …


  7. Get some photocopies of your birth certificate and ring you date of birth, then leave them lying about the place, maybe pin a copy to the notice board.

    This has got to be good for several weeks of grovelling.


  8. Mom’s do that when they get old.

    I had almost the same thing happen to me last year, only a little diffrent. My Mom called me on my birthday and wished me a very happy 28th birthday… It was my 27th birthday. Thats an entire year!

    The Shame!


  9. I know your pain. my mom has forgotten my name on several occasions. It’s rough on a guy being addressed as your older sister.


  10. I let my loved ones go about 3 1/2 months once before they remembered a forgotten birthday. They felt terrible! LOL.. I feel for your poor mum.


  11. that so cute lol *sigh* damn it just what I would do too…damn I feel so gay now…and not happy gay…like lame gay lol…but i’m sorry i’m a dude i forgot everyone birthday beside my own…*sigh* I need a pda and collect everyone’s phone number! =]


  12. heya~! ust dropping by to say hi.. Birthday? happi Bdae in advance.. and my parents dun even remember i haf a bithdate if no one mentions..


  13. Thanks Dan. This is weird. Horses definitely have their birthday on 1 August in Australia (have a look at Why would they choose a different date in other countries? A horse born in the US in December 2003 would turn one in January 2004. If the horse came to Australia in July 2004, would it turn two in August 2004, even though it was only eight months old??? Just as well Kitta isn’t a horse and wasn’t born on 1 August hey.

    I think I’ll crawl back into my hole now.


  14. Bobbiiiii, you sound like a really nice person… so do not climb back into your hole. Be upfront and honest!! I hope to hear more from you in the future!


  15. My mum asked me how old I was yesterday.
    But I forgive her because I forget that enough myself.
    1st of August is a great birthdate though. It’s mine.


  16. Reminds me of my father, who not only calls me by the name of my 32 year old brother. I should mention that my brother has has black hair, is 5’6 and has a different mother but my dad still gets our birthday’s mixed up. For reference sake, I’m blond, 6’1, and 21. His excuse is “I’m too old”. At least your mom didn’t pull that.


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