Run, hide, you know

I was watching The Panel tonight (or should I say last night since it is 1am), where they showed a clip of Ashley Olsen being interviewed on Rove Live. Nothing odd about that, just one of the Olsen twins doing an interview. Well, not really. During the short interview, they counted how many times she said “you know” and it ended up being about 56 times. Fifty-bloody-six times. Which is a lot of you knowing (maybe we DON’T know).

The interesting thing was it started catching on, kind of like Ebola, but instead of blood being splattered everywhere it was you knowing that made its presence felt. Even Rove (the host of Rove Live) started saying “you know” and I also noticed that the folks on The Panel, who were laughing about the amount of you knowing going on, started saying “you know” shortly after watching the clip.

My friend used to do something similar, she’d say “right” a lot, and by a lot I mean to the point where I wanted to hurt her, in the most lovingly way possible of course. So I started saying “right” all the time… “Right… are we going now? Right, let’s go then. Right.”… you get the picture. When she inquired as to why I was doing this, I told her it was to show her how fucking annoying it can be. She stopped saying right soon afterwards.

I just thought I’d share that with you, you know.

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  1. &let;slightly offtopic rant> I don’t get what all the fuss is with the Olsen twins lately. Everyone is all like “Oh, look at them, they’re so great, let’s go buy something from their shitty Wal-Mart clothing line.” Their acting sucks, one of them is a stoner/anorexic, and they honestly aren’t that hot, you know. </slightly offtopic rant>


  2. Cute? Perhaps. But you can’t expect to get through all of your life solely based on appearance. (unless you’re a hooker/slutty hotel heiress)

    And I could create a huge empire any day. :p


  3. ok first off the Olsen twins are hot but nothing to get head over heels about. second why are they so famous all of a sudden? (I don’t follow celeberties at all). thirdly why the hell does she keep saying you know. I swear I hate when people are interviewed. theres also a lot of “uhhh”s too. I mean think about what your going to say before you say it. And when you answer don’t take 5 minutes saying how happy you are and how great the people you worked were. and finally why do you say being a stoner like its a bad thing?


  4. “you know” ranks right up there with my other favorites… for example the overuse of filler words “like”, “um” and “uh”. I don’t know how it is in your neck of the woods, but I can’t listen to anyone under 30 without hearing the word “like”, like um, 30 million times, You know? 😉

    BTW, just found the site, very cool! You show that monkey a thing or two!


  5. I can’t complain, I use dude a lot. I don’t know about everywhere else but I think america has a thing for twins and I don’t think it’s “all of a sudden” they had lots of movies and video games and a magazine and the like I think now they are out there a bit more cause they just turnded 18 and one is in rehab.


  6. All I know is I say the word ‘like’ waaayyy to many times like every other subconciously taken over by valley-girl talk teenager in america.


  7. Daniel, I agree, you can’t get through life on looks alone, neither can they (the Olsen twins) keep up the sugary sweet teenager image for much longer, which then becomes a hard transition period for themselves and their management. I expect to see your empire in the works by early next year (funny thing is I think you’re the kind of person who could start an empire). ;o)

    Tom, I think the fact that they turned 18 has something to do with their current fame surge; they also have a movie out. You are right, the golden rules of public speaking is to think about what you are going to say, have answers to any hard questions beforehand and never say “umm”, “ahh”, “you know”, or any other filler words. Maybe the Olsen twin people need to work with them on that, although it might be a strategy they’re taking. Getting them to act like teenagers might keep their teenage market frame alive.

    Maxigumee, I’m sure their official site has that covered.

    Sally, personally I thought her body language showed she was more tired of answering questions about her sister (rolling her eyes and looking disinterested). I expected that her PR and/or management would have gone over any hard questions that the media might ask and got her to memorize some standard answers. But clearly, they didn’t do that, and the poor girl was left by herself to “you know” her way through the interview.


  8. Is there a difference between ‘you know’ at the beginning of the sentence and ‘you know’ at the end? If ever that makes sense, hah. :p


  9. Since moving to the UK and London in particular, I have been assualted by a slew of lazy annoying speach. One that really rubs me the wrong way is the use of the word “Yeah?” to complete every sentence. “So last night I went to the pub – yeah?” Well hell i don’t know if you did. ” And I was talking to Sally – yeah?” STOP ASKING ME QUESTIONS!!!
    When the Olsen Twins were little they looked like those troll dolls you put on the end of a pencil.


  10. Another phrase commonly used is ‘I mean …’. Many a time when I watch football matches on ESPN, and during half-time or full-time, the guys at the studio would be discussing about the game and how it went. And when a question was asked, 99.9% of the time they’d reply:

    “Well yeah, I mean, Michael Owen was bla bla bla …”
    “Um I mean, the lines man and the referee was bla bla bla …”

    dju’know wa uh-mean…?


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