Full of Newness

New Hair

If you pay any attention to my webcam pictures you’d know that I got my hair cut a few days ago. It wasn’t a planned thing, I just got up and thought, “Hey, my hair is pissing me off, I think I’ll get it cut off today” so I did. Luckily, this does not apply to all things in my life, could you imagine if I woke up one day thinking, “Hey, [random person] is pissing me off, I think I’ll decapitate them with a bendy straw today”. That would not be a good thing.

Anyway, back to the hair. It’s quite cool, possibly the coolest cut I’ve had in my 19 years that I’ve been alive. It only takes one minute to wash and two minutes to style, which is a huge difference from the long hair style, which took three years to wash and seven years to style (So I might be extravagating that a bit, but it used to feel like it).

The only problem is that knowing me it will be six months before I finally set foot in my hairdressers again to get a cut and make idle chat about the weather, by which time the shop will have changed management (again) and have been redecorated with another odd paint job.

So I was thinking (never a good thing, especially since I’m taking the shoe forgetting medication again after my back flared up this week), how would one stop their hair growing so that their cool, new, haircut will always stay cool and full of newness? Hmmm.

Then it hit me.

Nanobots. Yep, those little nanotechnology machines that are said to be the future, those tiny critters will inspect your hair and cut it whenever it grew, so it would always stay the same. No need to go to your hairdressers and have pointless conversations about the weather, while water is sprayed in your eyes and they tell you to tilt your head forward, no more forward, no, just look at the floor please.

Although, one day they could attack and attach themselves to your nervous system to do evil things, like making you eat sardines and yogurt on pancakes or watching too many bad reality TV shows, like Paradise Hotel.

The future is scary, but at least my hair would stay this cool and full of newness.

45 Comments on “Full of Newness

  1. the new do is great kitta boo. Maybe there could be some type of pill that could be devised that would block the protein sent to the hari follicles. no hair growth until you stop taking the pill. no more shaving or haircuts. what do you think?

  2. Alternatively, when you decicde to move out, you could try and make your housemates fit certain criteria. I can’t imagine a better situation than sharing a house living with a hairdresser, lawyer, and a travel agent. Free haircuts, free legal advice, and discount flights. Not that I’m mercenary or anything.

  3. You forgot a chef, every house needs a chef, and a massage therapist, and someone who works at a yummy restaurant that lets staff take home left overs for nights when the chef was working or away.

  4. An accountant too, you need one of them at tax time!

    Ok, I’m going to stop now before I add things like ‘secret agent’ and ‘midget’ to the list and go make dinner.

  5. You should get someone with OCD to move in, that way you can rest assured that everything is spotless and that all the switches and locks definitely work.

  6. I check the web shots often and did notice the new cut. I think the style you chose complements you nicely. With it you seem to abloom visually into such a mature woman to me. I venture to say many cuts would work for you. I like the sweater too. I looks good and you wear it well.

  7. Hey Kitta, Lovely new do you have huggin’ your pretty face 🙂

    Nanobots would definately help me… My hair grow an inch a week nearly!
    My wallet and my barber cant keep up!

  8. Your new cut is beutiful. But you always were beutiful. I wish I lived a little closer , and was a bit younger. Then again, young ladies sometimes do go for the older gent. Anyway , stay beutiful and keep breaking hearts. Hope your week goes well.

  9. yeah an anti rogain pill might have some undesirable side effects. plus getting hair cuts can be fun. it’s like giving birth to a new look. Don’t you feel kinda energized struting your stuff oozing confidence and sexy goodness?

  10. Having trouble with hair? nails? random fleshy bits that do nothing? Wish that you could forever not worry about these problems? Can’t afford to wait up for nanotechnologyy to be legalised and utilised for the good of a lazy and increasingly obese human race??

    Well, do WE have good news for YOU!

    Here at Sneaky Muhammeds, we have a wide range of hmmm, shall we say alternative solutions of all commercialised nanobot needs. Each of our model units from the classic Mr.ToeJamKillazV.104 to the spanking new MonoBrowAssassinV.4.21 all come with a lifetime operating use and warranty for 2 years! Every item is custom stole… erm.. ordered and shipped from our company warehouses in Tehran and Tel Aviv.

    Our products, made by the very best, Pentagon (c). What are you waiting for? Make an order with Crazy Muhammeds TODAY! *Payment options: Cash, Small arms (Guns), Small arms (Democrats), Plastic Explosives, Savoury Kebabs, Uranium, Ingrown Hair Tweezers, Cash

  11. There is a series of ads for some printer that features a dog that looks like harry boo. I love his xmas pic. I doubt I’m the first one to say this but your bro kinda looks like shaggy at xmas he’s even got the green shirt on.

  12. You mean that nanotechnology will actually do something? I heard of it but I’m thinking what the hell are you going to do with machines that are small and not powerful at all? But you have answered my question: Haircuts!

  13. Whats type of med’s you taking ??? you sure is not Acid or some thing?? now you seeing little men in your hair cutting it wow strange girl :)))

  14. I want them to make walls out of nano-bots then you wouldn’t need doors the bots would just soften as you walked throught a part of the wall. That is until doors come back into style then you would have to make your bots become doors… really good doors that seal up behind you.

  15. Dan, no it’s not acid, do you think my doctor said “Oh so you have back pain? Here, take this prescription to your local dealer and get some acid. That will fix you right up”, and they aren’t little men.

    I like the way you think Steve.

  16. o thats a cool hair doo you got your self kitta matey, so when are u going back to get it finished off lol hahahfahha hhee,,, a blokes joke ok mauh

  17. Hey anyone remember Becca from Andromeda…? No? Just just me then…
    Anyhow, she had nanobots in her hair and she could change the colour by thinking it!

    …I’ll get me coat…

  18. Looks great Kitta!

    My hair grows very fast, and it was getting very annoying to have to get it cut once every three weeks or so, so I just let it grow. Luckily, it curls up around the bottom, so it don’t make me look like a chick or anything, but when it’s wet, it goes down to my shoulders! :O

  19. Nice! You’ve got the luv the new hairstyle syndrome! I’ve had it b4…It’s like wow I like this new look its perfect…I wish I could have this this perfect length and style all year long…Most hairstylist recommend taking pictures *clap clap* (you already beat me)…I always say I will but I never get around to it…but I have to agree…I would hate to have a static haircut becuase like relationships and food…you never know you LIKE or HATE something or someone until you tried it…I don’t mean try everything…But change once in awhile it good…

    Welp, I remember watching infomericals and seeing the FLOWBEE…A miracle of modern science you say! lol Well I had a plan…If you have the exact measurements of your hair you caould easily replicate it with the flowbee… Unfortunately for me I tried using it b4 have a nice haircut…It was quite long.. unfortunately for some ppl with asian hair…if the hair on the side of our head is too short it sticks out like a porcupine…to make a long story short…I cut it too short and am currently waiting for it to grow back…waiting for my next chance to correct my hair disaster…they say practice makes perfect hehe

    But I still think its a good idea…although my idea is still in beta testing stage… =]

  20. you just reminded me of those things they sell in infomercials that are supposed to cut your hair perfectly evenly but instead they just look like vacuums and suck up your hair. i’d like to try one… on someone i hated. anyway, your hair looks great!

  21. WHO knows kitta may be you have “DR Roberts” if you do not know that song its form the John Lennon’s Beatles days. about a Doctor that gives pills out. Anyway, I hope one day you won’t need any more pills for your back and they can get it to somewhat normal.

    the hair looks good on you.


  22. You already know what I think of the cut, so you’ll get no ass-kissing from me here! However, in my experience, the best way to stop you rhair from growing and keeping a great style is to stop eating all vitamins and nutrients essential to hair (iron, zinc etc) and let it all fall out. Then you can buy a fabulous wig!!!
    Also… I quite often think of decapitating random nasties with a bendy straw… in fact I thought of a blue striped bendy straw as a weapon at work today!! I thought of you as well bwahahah. Oh…. I’m going to visit Joy!!!! WOOHOO

  23. I know it’s a wasted comment really, but I had laugh out loud virtually aswell as in reality at Malach’s French comment…

    Could Jim & Pepe le Pew be the same person? You be the judge…

  24. Ella, I know, Joy told me about how you’re going to visit her, and I’m quite jealous. Not only about the Joy thing, but you know what else. 😉

    Remember dude, you’re more likely to get hit by lightning then for the plane to crash, unless the plane gets hit by lightning and then crashes. I’m not sure about the odds on that one.

  25. dangggg girl…. you have one creative mind. I lost all my creativity when I learned how to drive. I guess because I didn’t need to entertain myself, I could just drive someplace that would do it for me! ahhhhhh, I miss it. *COME BACK CREATIVITY… COME BACK*

  26. Adding to Dave’s list: You definitly need a midget!!! I mean, they’re tiny, you can laugh at them, and they always make you feel good about yourself for not being a midget!

  27. Oh, and a bartender and a DJ…. then you can throw all sorts of happening parties! You’d probably have to lock the midget up though, because we all know how they get after a few drinks!

  28. lol lol the Acid comment cam from east-coast from MA, Why is that a bad comment?? the Dr Robert comment Also came from me. hope that clears it up.

    Dan M
    Salem, MA

  29. Holy shit… I’m obsessed with nanobots. One day they’ll be my housemates… not how i stumbled across this page, but interesting nonetheless. Bring on the nanobots 🙂 PS, hair looks nice hehe

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