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Candy pokes at the half frozen mince with a plastic implement, her boyfriend grabs a jar containing chilli, and he puts a small amount into the pan. Candy protests at the adding of the chilli, she’s not very fond of spicy food. He then grabs the pepper jar and sprinkles some in while coughing to try and conceal the pepper adding, candy protests more, she then looks at me and says…

“Don’t you dare blog about this!”

I’ve noticed a lot of people have started saying this to me, not that I take any notice of course, if you’re friends with me you’re bound to be blogged about at one point in time – it comes with my friendship. I’ve also noticed that some days I am on the look out for a good blog entry, waiting patiently for something funny to happen. It never does though, it’s always when the blog radar is off and you least expect it that someone chats about skankwear. I’ve also had people start to do dumb stuff around me to try and get me to blog about them, which is always odd.

Random person: “Check this out, I can hold 5 plates at once while balancing a mug on my head. You should so blog about this!”
Nikita: “Umm, no.”

Not that I mind, watching people perform dumb party tricks to try and get myself to blog about them is always a laugh. I just sometimes wonder what lengths they’ll go to.

Random person: “Hey, check this out, I’m going to jump off this bridge and probably impale myself on a metal object below!”
Nikita: “Umm, ok”
Random person jumps off the bridge screaming: “Youuu shouldddd sooooo blogggg aboutttt thissss!”

14 Comments on “Blog This”

  1. hehehehe.. That last quote was pretty good =]

    “Youuuu shoulldddd blloggg aabbboouuttt thissss”

    I could so see one of us doing that.
    Not jumping off a bridge of course… I’m gonna stop talking now.


  2. I totally read that as ‘Candy pokes at the half frozen mice…’ I think I need more coffee! And I’m just waiting on my friends to say that to me, of course I’m not going to listen! 🙂


  3. I like the part when Tony decided to stop talking.

    I’ve wavered on the line of ‘should i blog this’ before. Sometimes I don’t want to write something that my friends would get mad at me for, but if it’s just too hilarious I probably cave in.

    ps. Candy’s Corner! Candy’s Corner!


  4. I agree. it is a kinda charge to see your name in a blog. I kinda feel like see. she really knows me, I’m not just one of those thousands of hits.


  5. Haha! Those two guys just totally outplayed you, Kitta. They wanted you to blog about them, and you did blog about them, so really, they won.


  6. I can imagine myself doing this…
    “Youuuuuuu shooooooouuuuuuuuuullllllllllddddddddd bloooooooogg
    abbbbbbbbbboooouuuuuuuuttttttt tttttttthhhhhhhhhhhissssssss!”


  7. I misread the first line as “Candy pokes at the half frozen mice with a plastic implement”. Now that would have been a very interesting blog topic!


  8. Hmmm two guys wanted your blogs (Bobby and JJ – love you both to bits) and two people think Candy pokes at frozen mice with plastic implements! I never knew she was THAT weird! If people don’t want to be blogged about, they should be like me, never say or do anything that a mainstream audience would find remotely amusing. On the other hand, if you want to be blogged about, uhh I can’t help you there, I can’t think of anything I’d do worth blogging about! Good luck to you though!


  9. Hey, I’m writing this really cool comment! You should definitly blog about this! (OR in reverse psycology world , you ‘SHOULDN’T’ blog about this!)


  10. ella are you serious? just about everything you’ve said to me is definitely blog worthy. from your interesting social experiments, to fugitives living in your stables (well not really but possibly) huntsman spiders, hamnoggy baddness, porn shoes and the like. I don’t see how you could say you aren’t remotely entertaining or amusing or whatever. (love ya to bit n pieces)


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