It's all about the poise

Miss Universe

I watched Miss Australia get crowned Miss Universe last night (it was a delayed telecast in Australia, you have to ‘pretend’ you don’t know who wins), and my favourite part of the whole event is always when the hosts say something along the lines of…

“Now for the swimsuit competition, remember, we’re judging on personality, poise and grace, not their bodies.”

Yes, and I gave my elephant that lays diamond eggs a bubble bath today. 🙂

16 Comments on “It's all about the poise”

  1. Well you know the old saying “grace under pressure” or something like that. Obviously there is no greater pressure than walking in a swimsuit in front of a gigantic world audience. Especially when you’re competing for the crown of the entire Universe.


  2. I love how the girls hair is blowing in the magic wind. Kitta you should get a wind machine, then you can be completely ridiculous too! Wait…do they actually have wind machines, I mean, isn’t that just a fan?


  3. Hell I didn’t even know there was a Miss Universe pagent. And why don’t those girls just learn there can’t be world peace. Did anyone see Miss Congenuality (sp)? It’s funny watching here diss all those girls


  4. Yeah, she’s pretty damn hot! I think its funny that they say all that shit bout judgin for personality, when they whole world knows they nuttin but liars. If that was a personality competition, they wouldn’t have the hotties in it that they do.


  5. How much for the elephant? I’m willing to bid up to $100 million lint clumps for it, excluding any import taxes which I’m sure your great nation will charge.

    And unless I misunderstand astronomy, “universe” implies a little more than “countries who can afford to sponsor vain young women to pursue as much starvation and vomiting as the human body can stand” to win an award. Or did I miss something in the title? 🙂


  6. Miss Jigiik GiyguiG(the rest undecipherable) of Omega prime from orion constellation is contentious of Jeniffer’s crown as Miss Universe, at the very least she is “Miss Solar System”.


  7. Billy I was wondering the same thing. Why don’t they call it Miss Earth of something. And why do they have to be unmarried? Is that the only way they can get males to watch?


  8. I think they don’t want them to be married because if they were married it would be Mrs Universe, not Miss Universe. Also if they were married Donald Trump couldn’t date them (Sorry, I just had to make that joke).

    I’ve always wondered what would happen if we found life on another planet, could they enter the contest?

    Host: “Miss Mars, if you could change the planet Earth in any way, how would to change it?”
    Miss Mars: “GGDF tryYr trket grgDFGr ykrthbg” (because she’d totally talk like an AOLer)
    Translator: “She said ‘I would kill all humans and eat their brains'”
    Host: “Haha.. ha… ha… Ladies and gentleman, Miss Mars”


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