In 2002 David Best came up with the idea to make the above Beadmobile after being asked by the Germany’s Essen Motor to create an art car for the event. It took over 100 people, mostly passers by and school children, to help glue the thousands (possibly millions) of beads supplied by Fire Mountain Gems and Beads onto the car.

Beadman: “What’s that I hear… a beader in trouble…?”
Tigertail: “Yes, I think it is beadman.”
Beadman: “To the beadmobile tigertail!”

Via Bead and Button – Issue 60.

12 Comments on “Beadmobile”

  1. What I really like about your page is the fact that I always learn something new.. like that there is an active beading subculture with their own magazine and stuff. 🙂


  2. where’s malach? i want to tell him i’m sorry and that i want a second chance, although he probobly won’t give me one. i want to be unbanned from the forums.


  3. You know, scrape those beads off it, and do something crazy like… oh i dunno… just paint it… Then they got themselves a damn nice car. Its no Honda Prelude mind you, but its still a nice beater!


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