Hot Water Bottle

Alfred the hot water bottle

I saw something, a shadow on my roof, which looked oddly like a hot water bottle. It moved. I jumped up and cowered in the corner of my room looking around for the hot water bottle shadow to emerge once again, nothing. I ran towards my door, far cry style, ducking just in case the hot water bottle shadow was planning an attack. I turned the light on and looked around, again nothing. My heart was racing. I walked into the kitchen and it finally hit me…

“What the hell am I doing? I’m looking for a fucking shadow shaped like a hot water bottle in my room, that’s what I’m doing!”

I went back to bed, confused about what had just happened and very scared of hot water bottles. Earlier I had taken the shoe forgetting medication again. I had been in pain all weekend and was frustrated by lack of sleep, so it seemed like a good idea at the time. I really should stop myself from proceeding with something after thinking “seems like a good idea”, because in the past, it never turns out to be a good idea.

I know that I wasn’t dreaming when I scanned my room for hot water bottle shapes, the jewellery boards which I knocked over were proof of that. I must have been hallucinating beforehand though, imagining some hot water bottle shadow in my sleep. I hope I was hallucinating, because otherwise there’s some weird fucking creature lose in my room.

I am so never taking the shoe forgetting medication again.

51 Comments on “Hot Water Bottle”

  1. I once had a dream that I was being chased by someone and they grabbed my heel. I woke up with a jump and thought ‘Hang on, someone did just grab my heel’. I turned over and there was a figure standing at the end of my bed. In my locked room. I spun round and hit the light, but when I turned round it’d gone. Turns out it someone had died in the building a few years ago around that time. Spooky eh?
    So anyway, it was a rather long way of saying maybe it was a ghost of a hot water bottle, back from the grave trying to finish its unfinshed hot water bottle business?


  2. Often, I see animals or faces in clouds’ shape.
    But I fear the day I could see a hot water bottle !

    Especially if it’s red, ’cause that means that
    the red monkey has put its finger on a certain red button…


  3. I have friend, that has a bad reaction to most common stuff, like foods and house hold stuff. He once got some special type of wine and drank it and went to be. He got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and on the way back it thought he saw the toilet chasing him and snapping at him ( the toilet set was the mouth) we run to the bed and pull the cover over scared as can be) and tried to get back to sleep. He told this story over the air ( we are Ham radio orators) and we rib him about it each time we talk about wine. and wine making.

    Well some time passed, and Win I made a batch of wine ( I make home made wine and beer) I made a special bottle for him with a label with A cartoon of a guy running and a toilet chasing him and toilet sit snapping at him and name the wine DJ’S snapping toilet wine.
    We had a good laugh about it on and off the air and he kept the bottle.
    so, the reaction that you can have with meds and food can make you dream strange stuff like the story that I just told you.

    some questions:
    1.) Did you still want to do the painting Kitta or is that off let me know.
    2.) how old is you and your brother and whats him name? Every time I look at your Xmas’s pic I bake out laughing with him.

    3.) with computers, did you do any programing if so what languishes do you know.

    great story, watch out for the water bottles and toilet that snap.

    Dan M.
    Salem, MA USA


  4. Sounds like some fun medication you have there down under. If you get tired of it, send it this way. I’ve always wondered what a hot water bottle looks like.


  5. You should post a picture of you doing your “Far Cry” moves. It would be good for a smile. (Maybe even put a hot water bottle in the scene!)


  6. Tom, yes you can, but I’d rather not trip at 5am when I’m trying to sleep.

    Shadow, there’s always one that comments as the object or person in question.

    Big A, I don’t even want to go there, I’m afraid an army of hot water bottles might attack me if I upped the dosage.

    Dan M, what the hell do you put in that wine?
    1. Sorry, I’ve been pretty busy lately so I haven’t had time to take the picture or even email you back.
    2. He’s 20 and we call him monkey boy, no, his name is Danny. He loves to pull some odd face when I bring a camera out, so I rarely take a good picture of him.
    3. I only know the web stuff like XHTML, CSS and some PHP. I’m thinking about doing CS in uni to learn more.

    Chris, you’re the 5th person to ask me to give them remaining pills. I’d rather hand them in at the chemist thanks.


  7. La Femme,

    I hate it when that happens. Mine usually happen at night and usually it is not a specific thing that I see…just a feeling of something scary, usually prompted by a dream, btw do you dream in color and remember very specific details about the dream afterward? Anyway, Now if I actually saw something, like in your case, that would be all she wrote…but that is the worst feeling after you wake up and experience something like that and you freak out and try to get back to sleep and can’t and then in the morning you are so amazed that you were affected so strongly and feel silly about the whole thing.

    So I found some websites to get us in the scientific mind of it all…and to keep things on the lighter side check THIS out.

    And you might want to put THIS on your Amazon Book List!



    A rambling man that is just trying to relate


  8. That was a very funny story kitta! I remember when my 17 yr old sister came running through the hallway screaming “ahhhhhhhh! spider!!!”. Then I found out later that it was only one of the kids toys (she babysits sometimes).

    nice site, i rather like it.

    By the way, that “skanky clothes is cool” story was very funny but i still think “milkshake is the best”.

    u look awesome on the latest pic! continue the good work!

    oh!, if someone asks u again for the pills, just give them the box it came in with little pebbles in it!


  9. remember there was this kids show on ABC where there was this watter bottle with eyes and it talked and he lived under the bed and he had a friend that was a robot and a toy truck and a stuffed elephant? I liked that show..


  10. Hi again Kitta,
    OK on the photos, when ever you get the time for the photos.
    That was not my wine that he drank when he saw the chasing/ napping toilet. I think, it was From Spain. We had a good laugh with the cartoon I put on the bottle that I made for him after that happened.

    Kitta, may be a good one to learn is Java Class type file you can learn that your self at that way you can write a lot of neat apps for Internet. It’s not script its compiled like an .exe , .Dll file. If you did want to learn it I would be glad to help you out.

    Hmmmm monkey boy, fits him! no I sure he’s OK, He does make you laugh seeing the pictures. what does he do for work or school? and you 20 years old also?

    Dan M.
    Salem, MA USA


  11. Shoe forgetting medicine sounds good. I had two dreams last week that I was butt naked in front of my school. That’s such a typical dream but I’ve never had it. Is there some meaning behind that?


  12. If you’re scared of taking the “shoe forget” stuff, pass it on over to us addicted Americans. Chandler from friends, Rush Limbaugh, and probably Hilary Clinton could all use a few extra pills; it might give them some real personality.


  13. Dominik, I love the google ads. The Odd Spot entry has environmentally friendly tampon ads on it.

    Dan M, I don’t really have the time to learn any new languages right now, my brother know java anyways and he’s currently preparing to take the STAT test and then he’ll be going to Uni next year (game programming/development). No, I’m 20 in August.

    Rachael, I’m not sure, it’s like the teeth falling out dream everyone has.

    Victor, no, it’s a prescription medication, but hallucinations are one of its listed side effects. And be a man dude, I downloaded far cry in 1 week on dial up!

    Johnson and Friends was one of my favourite shows, reminds me of toy story. Heh, I just added that picture to the post.


  14. That’s good, he a “Hack” also there hope for him yet! :)) the monkey boy with computer:) OK thats good that be the one to learn or C++ , they are so much alike( Java came from C++) you learn one you can get by the other. when I went to collage I learned Basics( true,Quick,GM and quick) and C++, Assembly and even did binary. but, thats back then., most are not used to much any more if at all. The only one is C++ and Assembly now or what you said GUI but I not to much for games.

    funny water bottle. now you may be can add an scream voice file or record you talking so we can hear you.

    How about posting some pictures of your home, around town and friends? if you not have to much room you can put them up on yahoo like I do for my pictures.

    Dan M.


  15. That’s wicked! I had a similar experience a few weeks back whilst on Contac, which is just a cold medication. Everything became interesting and hilarious at the same time.


  16. Hey, cold medicine makes me wonkey too. I yelled at my mom for not getting rid of my ‘fly pillow’. You see, It’s a pillow, on top of another pillow. It looks like it’s ‘flying’ when you’re stoned on Tylenol Night.


  17. I would just like to interject with my true and pure love for Alfred the hot water bottle (as pictured) he is the only thing that made Johnson and Friends bearable… especially that stupid MacDuff springy thing. Awful spiteful creature! Wait… I loved Diesel too!


  18. OK, YOU now talking about a old TV show. I going to give you one that some of you ppl out there would iv you over 30 years old.

    Do any of you remember the show ” BIG BLUE MARBLE”? It was a nice show about kids lives around the world and pen pals also, IT was by AT&T from Florida studios. DO ANY ONE REMEMBER THIS SHOW? I use to watch this show back then, Damm now i giving my age away! that and Johnny Quest is the other one.

    Kitta what you think about the picture from your home and town and all that?

    Dan M.


  19. Dude I love the pic of that waterbottle. it looks like you knocked out his bottom row of teeth…looks like he swallowed them or some hard to digest meatloaf. I just hope you find a new way to dealwith you pkmuwasp pain.


  20. Ella, I know dude, that MacDuff was so stupid. Diesel was so the bling bling toy and I’m so glad I finally used ‘bling bling’ in a sentence.

    JJ, it was totally Ella who beat up the water bottle, I had nothing to do with it. I’m the good one! πŸ˜‰

    Dan, I don’t really have time to take pictures of my town, and I wouldn’t really want to anyway.


  21. Rachel:
    what did the person do when they hacked in? tall me more about it may be I can Help.,or better yet Email me .



  22. LOL!! Seems like I’m not the only thing made of rubber that you dream about! πŸ˜‰

    J/K!! <3 your posts Kitta πŸ˜‰


  23. Hi Michael, And thanks for the link. I guess when you are 10,000 miles away it is some thing to see. I look at them and the city look like a nice city. I live in Salem, MA and I say the same thing, because I live here but people come here by the 1,000.

    here are two links I found for Perth Australia.

    I was hoping to get a police scanner live streaming form Perth, but didn’t have time to go though all the pages. Maybe we could catch the police going to kitta house, while in the shower :))) right Kitta??
    don’t flash them now kitta! I sure that make there day.

    Perth Radio streaming
    and here one for live cams from Perth:

    Dan M.


  24. Pingback: LostFocus - The Weblog of Dominik Schwind - Lârrach » Perth

  25. You are probably right Dan. When i really think about it, I suppose Perth is quite a nice city. Alot prettier than Sydney for example (tho i am sure some will disagree). Just that i am used to Busselton and Margaret River where I have spent most of life. There are some really beutiful spots ‘down south’.
    Tis all deffinitly worth a visit to see tho.


  26. Hi Michael, yes I am sure there our and and it is worth the trip, if you had $2,500 to get there and stay for a week. do you know where Warnbo is and is it part of Perth? I heard that name on the INTERNET.
    Maybe one day I can come down. Watch out for the kangaroos mate :))) and put the swimp on the Barbie and the cold beer and I will be down soon.
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    as you Aussie say Good day mate!



  27. Ha ha, I’m sorry but i gotta laugh. πŸ™‚
    Are you being funny in writing swimp? Cause it is actually shrimp.
    Warnbro is not really part of Perth. Tis about 30mins drive from the city centre. So it isnt really that far away.


  28. special times…shoe forgetting medication….*starts to shake head quietly and then proceeds to bang head on desk*


  29. Wonderful site! Simply marvelous! I’ll place a link to it right away. You see, I like to do random seraches on Google to find really random stuff to link to. This takes the cake!


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