Hooray, no spam here!

About a week ago I got Gmail (Thanks to Pam). My thoughts?

I like the look of Gmail, it’s very clean and there are no ‘buy this kitten now and get another one free’ banner ads which tend to distract you. I don’t even mind the text ads (which I’ve started using at kitta.net a few day ago, I too have sold out just like Sergio).

And they weren’t lying when they said it’s fast, I wasn’t sure if the first few emails I set were actaully sent, due to its fastness. It also seems to refresh the window if left open. I’m pretty sure Hotmail or Yahoo don’t do this (I could be wrong though, so don’t hurt me with sharp objects) and it’s a nice feature.

I’m not sure how it goes with spam, since I’ve received none so far, the “Hooray, no spam here!” message not only makes me laugh, but also sigh in relief.

The spell check is pretty damn good, although I’d like to see an option where the user could choose other languages, it keeps telling me to spell colour as ‘color’ and jewellery as ‘jewelry’.

Well, that’s my thoughts on Gmail so far. Feel free to email me so I can beta some more, I haven’t received many emails yet and I’d like to test it out a bit more. My address is:

nikitak [at] gmail.com

(Note: I do not, repeat DO NOT, have any Gmail invites yet, so please don’t ask me for one. If and when I do receive any invites they will be given to family and friends who’ve been bugging me for the last week about them.)

34 Comments on “Hooray, no spam here!”

  1. One thing, though, is Gmail doesn’t work in a lot of browsers (Lynx/Links, Opera, etc… Not that people use them much.). Which is a shame, ’cause emails are supposed to be accessible everywhere to be useful.


  2. On the other hand, I wish I get spammed a little more. It seems such a waste not to make use of a good, _free_, spam filter.


  3. @! – just use your gmail for a usenet post or on some website.. actually the spam filter is not as good as a home-trained email classification tool like POPFile, but I guess it’s going to get better in some way.


  4. I’ve heard some not-too-great things ’bout GMail, such as privacy invasion and the insertion of ads into your emails. I think I’ll stick with Yahoo!, as I will probably never end up using all 6MB anyway.


  5. Dunno if you’ve heard, but Yahoo is gonna up their stuff to 100 MB anyway. I really like the Yahoo spam filter. Catches _everything_.

    The nicest thing about text ad was we were having a conversation about Chinese food and Gmail showed an add for take out Shanghai noodles.


  6. hey cool you listen to joss stone! =) anywho. i dunno..gmail sounds nice but maybe i’ll use it when my other email accounts are full. ha. btw…here in your comments form, do you know you have “URI” written instead of “URL”?


  7. URLs are subsets of URIs, and the use of ‘URL’ is being deprecated by W3C. URLs point to stuff on the web. URI point to stuff everywhere in the digital space.

    I know that question wasn’t for me, so sorry for replying to it. I just had to say something πŸ™‚


  8. GRRRRR!!! The darn W3C is deprecating everything these days! Pretty soon my site will be one big deprecation!! :p


  9. okay, this is off topic, but can someone please tell me what “W3C” stands for (as I am somewhat jargon illiterate)?


  10. Daniel, the ads aren’t inserted into the emails; it’s just text ads that show up at the side. I like the ads, as someone else said they can have some good links sometimes. Ane the W3C aren’t deprecating everything, they’re just getting rid of the crap and bringing in better things.

    Nixxi, as someone else already pointed out, I meant to put URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) because URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is being deprecated by W3C.

    Chris, W3C stands for World Wide Web Consortium.


  11. Congradulations on the account and selling out Kitta! welcome to the club. We have fliers and complimentary tofu somewhere around here (of course, you have to agree to pimping the club to get some).

    My gmail thingie is sergio.vp@gmail.com (you should try posting yours as plaintext, let’s take the spam filters for a test drive).

    The thing is fast because it’s all dinamycally generated in javascript. That’s kind of weird, and I’m not sure I like it (multiple frames, interdependent scripts… it does seem solid, though). But the “conversation, not an email” thing is cool. They store your back-and-forth emails under the same heading.

    Anyway, I’ll post a review up when I have some time too.


  12. Sergio, I’m too scared to put my email as plain text, I’ll let you test out it’s spam filters. πŸ˜‰

    Yeah, the whole conversation bit is cool, a bit weird at first though (I had a ‘where the hell is my old email’ moment).


  13. for those of us that will not get to see gmail untill its officially realeased ( πŸ˜₯ ), would it be possible you cloud post some screen shots so we can see what it looks like?


  14. I hate your commenting feature because it erased my message before i could send it. OIY!
    You have a whole conversationg going on in your comments section, and i find that exciting and nice, AND why do you need invitations to use Gmail? Did you know that blogger users have received invites? Tell your people that!


  15. Jenni, what did you do for it to erase the massage? And Gmail is in the beta stage, so that is why you need an invite for it, they only want a certain amount of people beta testing it.

    Kenny, I’m not sure if google would like me doing that, so I’ll have to check on it.


  16. I’m peed off right now. I think my account’s been hacked. Anyone had this problem? It just keeps asking for my password and says my secret question answer is wrong which is STUPID cause no one could know it! Ahh, someone help me.


  17. GMail is borked for me 😦 I set it up a few weeks back and it was all good, I logged in after going through the signup process and everything, but now when I try to look at it it just loads a blank page 😦

    Sucks to be me πŸ˜›


  18. You have a gmail account? I am SO JEALOUS. I want one… I wonder if they’re selling on ebay. If you get invites, you should sell them on ebay πŸ™‚


  19. for the spamming article, I have something for you all : http://gmail.prattboy.net/, this guy wants you to spam his gmail account and he will report the effectivity of gmail’s spam protector.

    @Daniel > as what I know and read, yahoo also read your mail to determine if it spam or not, gmail use the sam read to determine which adv suitable for your mail. compare those things, I choose gmail… (-:

    Regarding gmail error, man… it’s a beta. even I never have problem with my gmail.


  20. i like it.

    angelo@gmail.com was gone. i could have chosen jeremi or gabriel (my middle names), but people misspell those names all the time. i could have also chosen racoon; that was the only animal still available as a gmail address.

    instead i was happy to see that submit still available. submit! yay!!! if i get an invite on memorial day (may 31 – it could happen because they gave one away on mother’s day) i am going to take it for myself and sign up for another account, either gabriel or soundoff@gmail.com or talktome@gmail.com. those were also still available a week ago.

    i gave them a great suggestion. and in return i asked for an invite, but i don’t think they will. wanna know what my suggestion was?


    they have an “expand” button for the conversation thread, but they don’t have a “contract” button!!!! why don’t they? you should be able to contract all the messages, too.

    so i’m hoping my really useful suggestion will get me another invite. wish me luck! maybe i’ll give it to you because you’re very beautiful. ha-ha. just kidding. . . i’m kidding about giving you the invite. i hardly know you!



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