Spare black fabric

Jewellery picture sample

Anyone that makes their own jewellery knows one thing, that one thing is that trying to take a good picture of your creations can be a bitch. I was looking around some forums when I saw a post by a woman who said she uses a scanner and a black piece of material on top of the jewellery to get some decent images. I had tried the scanning method before, with a white sheet of paper, but didn’t get good results. So I was a bit hesitant, yet since I had some spare black fabric and not much to do a few nights ago, I decided to give it a go anyway. Amazingly, I got some pretty good results and I’ve added the pictures to the jewellery section.

The only problem is you can only use this method for flat jewellery; any piece that uses large lampwork type beads tends to become quite blurry, as you can see in the image below.

Blurry picture sample

Oh well, when I get a better camera I’ll be able to take some good shots of all my pieces that use lampwork beads.

21 Comments on “Spare black fabric”

  1. hey kitta, i have just had a great marketing picture idea,, why dont you get one of those window shop dummies, paint it black and hang the jewl stuff on it. then take your camera to hand and shoot away, or you could just hang on your self and get some one else to take the pic, that would be cooler, imagine the chain with a pendant around your neck and the pendant laying over your clevage complimenting the pendant, i think i better sign off before i get carried away


  2. I can imagine photographing jewellery being a complete pain.

    If I was doing it I’d probably try and get someone to model the pieces (you obviously only need to get their neck/ear/whatever). Clothes/jewellery etc usually look better in some sort of context.

    That said you still have to make sure you get the detail of the piece, so perhaps you should also include a detail picture of the necklace by itself. I quite like the way this piece is photographed, so that it appears to have some depth but also has the ‘floating’ illusiong (as in it has no background).

    You could achieve that quite easily by just curving a white piece of paper/material to create a flawless background and then just lighting it properly.


  3. Hey kitta, you will get heaps better shots if you turn off the flash and set the camera on a tripod so you dont get blur. Hope that helps πŸ™‚


  4. The light blue and white one on the bottom looks fantastic on, and I really should name some of my pieces, ‘that blue one’ could become confusing after a while. Also, when I get everything set up I’ll probably be selling a few of the light blue and white ones Anita.

    Simon, I will be doing that soon.

    Steve and Angela, I’ve been looking into how a few other people take photos of their jewellery, like Connie Fox for example. I’ve tried everything with my current camera… Inside, outside, no flash, flash, tripod and it always comes out quite blurry. So I’m pretty much convinced it’s the camera, it is only a logitech after all and I did drop it a while back, so It’s no wonder it can’t capture the detail that I want.


  5. You’ve know officially inspired my new hobby. =D
    I couldn’t find out any arts and craft fayers that were going on right now so instead I found some really good beading shops here and I’m trying to get a hold of some books etc.
    I’m pretty excited about the whole thing.

    I really like those blue earings you’ve made. So cool.


  6. I think it would look best with a nice backdrop. Try taking it outside and use the sunlight as your lighting. Nuclear Fusion might work better than eletrical resistance. But put that Jewelery in front of like purple flowers.


  7. Hey first time here:) From orkut. Well the jewellery is pretty good n I am not so sure about the scanner things, but the pictures look quite good, so does the jewellery( i said that b4 as and do u make something for men by any chance…lol


  8. Jade, I’m glad I inspired you. πŸ™‚ Try asking the beading stores if they offer (or know of) lessons in your local area, you can learn on your own, but the lessons tend to teach you all the tricks that it can sometimes take months to stumble upon. Books are also great for learning, Amazon has some great ones. If you have any questions send me an email and have fun beading.

    CC, I’ve been on the look out for beads and such which are more for men, but they’re quite hard to get a hold of at good prices. I shall not give up though.

    Victor, that is one of my favourites too. πŸ™‚


  9. Sorry .. a bit out of context here. How do you cure a really bad sun burn??
    That time of year.. be careful people!! I am paying the price!:(


  10. Even without a great cam, the bead work is looking quite extraordinary (that’s what my sister tells me.)


  11. Dan, get some aloe vera gel witch about 80% to 90% pure aloe.

    I’m glad you all like my jewellery, I’ve had a ton of emails about it and I’ll be working hard over the next few weeks to make more. πŸ™‚


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