What's in a name

I’ve been trying to come up with a name for my jewellery collection for over a week now. I’ve asked friends, forum members and I’ve even asked Harry (to which he just gave me a ‘you know I can’t talk’ look).

Some of the names people have suggested so far are:

  • Perthwear
  • Jewels R Us
  • Bijou PrΓ©cieux (which I’m told means ‘Precious Jewel’)
  • Bijou Beadwork
  • Kitta’s immaculate conceptions
  • JewelWorks
  • Beadwear
  • If-you-don’t-buy-this-IT-WILL-EAT-YOUR-BABIES! Jewellery

If you have any ideas please leave a comment, otherwise I’m looking at “_________ jewellery” as a name. Which is so not cool.

62 Comments on “What's in a name”

  1. When I lived in New Jersey we used to say: “If you don’t buy this, I know people who will break your legs.”….but I don’t think that’s it. I’ll give it some thought and get back to you.


  2. Well, I don’t think you should use Jewels R Us, as a company just got sued by Toys R Us for having another simliar name. I don’t know about other people, but since I don’t know what immacualte means, I would tend to get the impression that Kitta’s immaculate conceptions is some kind of erotic shop(don’t ask why, that’s just what I think when I heard that word:p).

    I like the sound of If-you-don’t-buy-this-IT-WILL-EAT-YOUR-BABIES! Jewellery, but since you say that “_________ Jewellery” is “so not cool”, I guess that’s not an option;)

    I like Pugs’ suggestion, Kitta’s Creations. It’s got a nice ring to it, if ya knows what me means;)

    I’m not creative enough to come up with anything of my own, so I just comment on other people’s suggestions. Or maybe I can think of something……………………………… Kitta’s Jewellery. Nope, no creativity whatsoever in this head of mine:(


  3. Red Monkey Schwag.

    Kitta’s fantabulous bling bling.

    Jewels by Kitta. (see what I did there with the “by Kitta” thing? That’s real classy crap, ya know?)

    Kitta’s shiny things.

    Red Monkey Jewellery.

    I could go on…


  4. Hey I’ve been considering making some personal jewellery, specifically earing because I can barely find any that I like in the stores these days. The most I’ve ever made are very simple but playful bracelets.

    Could you reccomend any starter kits or anything? Thanks.

    As for names Kitta’s Creation is fab. I’d rolls off the tongue. =P


  5. A couple to be going on with:

    Open mouthed jewellery (as in gobsmacked mouth open)

    Pretty Shiny Things (not too sure on the spelling of Shiny)

    It Sparkles Jewellery

    Bright Spark Jewellery


  6. Kittalicious Jewelry, Les Bijoux de Kitta (Kitta’s Jewelry :-p), The Red Monkey’s Shiny Things, K2 Jewelry (Kitta Kashner) -a K squarred even!- erm that’s all for now πŸ™‚


  7. Kittawear! You should definitely use “Kitta” in the name and advertise your products on this site. Leverage your brand & all, hee hee.


  8. What about Kits Bits? Actuallt forget that – it sounds kinda sexual, or maybe like a type of cat biscuit. Sexual cat biscuits, ahhhhh…
    Ok what about Kool Jewels? Class Glass? Nice Ice? Let me mullet over…..


  9. I know you didn’t want to include your name, but I agree that it seems to add a personal touch. There just isn’t much that rhymes or compliments the word “jewellery.” I like Kitta’s Kreations or Little Red Monkey Shines.


  10. NK Wear Me’s


    NKJ (Nikita Kashner Jewellery)
    Brand logo with those letters will look awesome as well.
    N, K , J are stylish letters in themseleves.


  11. I’m picturing a full page ad in the New York Times :
    “Kitta’s Creations….Jewelry for Body and Soul”


  12. You know big companies spend millions on naming…

    Anyway, today you’re doing jewellery, tommorow you may expand into other lines, so I think branding your name is the first place to start.

    You are Kitta. The things you make are an extension of who you are. It says something about you.

    So any of Kitta Jewellery or Jewellery by Kitta as already suggested would be the way to go. Or even just Kitta! NK or NKJ may work for a logo treatment but I think Kitta should figure in any name you settle upon.

    wanky speak ends now…


  13. And here is the inaugural Kitta Collection, presented by Kitta Jewels. Please visit a Kitta Jeweler near you soon!!


  14. how about thiese

    kitta’s Body-wear
    kitta’s body image or images
    kitta’s impressions
    kitta’s body impression’s


    good look I hope this will be some help to you

    Dan Mac


  15. ha ha ha i just came up with more
    how about:

    Red monkey jewellery
    or monkey wear

    agian don’t call it skank where lol lol



  16. Out of your suggestions I love Bijou Beadwork. But as someone said above, you should use Kitta in the name, or your initials. Something like that to make it more personal since it’s all made by you.


  17. Here’s my thought, take it as you will….”La Jolla Del Mar” which means “Jewel of the Sea” in Spanish. Hope you come up with a name, they take awhile sometimes.


  18. DAMN YOU DAN MAC! I was going to suggest that the best thing to call it would be ‘skankwear’ although I say that, and I’m currently wearing a pair of Kitta’s earrings and everyone at work wants a pair, so I don’t think it is skanky at all!


  19. i’d like to see more of it b4 i name it,,,I didn’t really get to see what they look like,,,but i understand u don’t want anyone copying it…

    How’s about KKP Jewellery… like DKNY… what is the post initials for perth… or K2P Jewellery…or Kedoopee or Ketoopee… Jewellery…

    or KAK or KAC…Kitta Art kreations…Kitta Art Creations…

    okay u pick…


  20. This site rocks. I wish I could elaborate, but I can’t wait to get back to the psychic dialogue I’m having with the red monkey. Red Monkey Jewellery? Nah.


  21. I’m kind of liking NK Jewellery, its simple and classy. Not sure though. Thanks for all the ideas everyone. πŸ™‚

    Jade, bead kits are always quite expensive for what they really are. The best thing to do is attend a few classes on beading (they’ll introduce you to the supplies and tell you where you can buy them from), do a web search or check out a local arts and craft centre for classes. I’d say to start off with basic thread and seed beads, and then move on some wire work and tigertail. You can also check out this site – http://jewelrymaking.about.com/library/blbeg.htm – which seems to have some good advice. Good luck and happy beading. πŸ™‚


  22. I got it…

    “Family Jewels”

    or if you don’t like smart “butt/alec” (for Bekah) answers…how about

    Kash Wear or Kash-e-Wear

    Good luck…btw I do logo/identity work so if you are interested.

    Signed pimpin’ ain’t easy,



  23. P.S.

    I dig the “jewel” eye candy that is posted next to the url in my web browser of choice.

    Nice icon…is it supposed to represent cat stripes or an outback feel?

    I am not sure if you have drawn attention to it…if not there is all the attention you need.


  24. Well, I took a poll here at work. It looks like the Cubical People like the Monkey and kept including Monkey in just about every suggstion:
    (Drum Roll Please)
    * Shinny Monkey
    * Kitta Bling-Bling
    * Monkey Bling
    * Just plain: “Nikita” (Maybe in some cool Italics Font)
    * Aus-ome Jewlery
    (That was top 5, the rest was just jumbled group-think)


  25. Kittiques

    As in a boutique, or a small retail shop that specializes in gifts, fashionable clothes, accessories, or food, for example


  26. lol i forgot your real name is nikita …i thought it was kitta for awhile …dang…sorry…yeah NK does sound nice and classy


  27. What about “Kitton Jewellery“? You know, like “Get your kit on”… “Get your Kitton Jewellery on”… and also because your name is Kitta. Am I making sense? Probably not!


  28. I like Bijou Précieux – as others have hinted, you should have your name in the title so perhaps Kitta’s Bijou Précieux.


  29. You can have fun with it AND make money……WOOHOO !
    Please remember all of us little people, who encouraged you, when you are on your worldwide promotional tour.
    Good Luck…Go Kitta !


  30. OK…. this is really late because I only just came across your blog (which is FANTASTIC by the way, but you knew that already).

    How about maybe ‘Jewelistic’ or ‘Jewel Purpose’ ? (If these make no sense then my feeble attempts at a play on words are even worse than I thought).


  31. It depends on what kind of feel you want your company to have.. Most of these suggestion suggest you’re a fun company. Which may appeal more to the younger crowd of consumers. I’d suggest something for elegant, after all, it is jewellery.

    Why do you not use the most beautiful name you have at the end of you fingertips? Nikita! You have a beautiful and elegant name, so why not use a name like Nikita Conceptions or Nikita Expressions or simply just Nikita. Note: Jewellery is an expression when given to someone as a gift.


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