On yet another shopping trip, where I overheard some girls having a conversations. It was not about innocent milkshakes this time, and they were about 13 to 14 years old…

Girl #1: “OMG, look at this skirt.”
Girl #2: “That’s like hot!”
Girl #3: “It’s so skanky.”
Girl #1: “Duh, skankwear is cool.”
Girl #2: “Oh yeah, skankwear is soooo cool.”
Nikita: *tries hard not to laugh*
Girl #3: “It’s like a Paris Hilton.”
Girl #2: “OMG, she’s soooo hot!”

If I ever have a daughter, I hope she never lets the words “Skankwear is cool” come out of her mouth, and if they do, there will be 500 lines of “Skankwear is so not cool!” coming her way (I’d so be a lines type mum).

45 Comments on “Skankwear

  1. In Australia, we say a girl is ‘skanky’ if she wears hardly any clothes. I’ve never heard of ‘skankwear’ before those girls said it, must be the cool word in high schools these days. The skirt they were talking about was short, so I’m guessing anything tiny is skankwear.

  2. I don’t want to sound like a prude, and I’m all for people doinf whatever they want (within reason), but 13 year olds wanting to be skanks is rather disturbing.

  3. I thought skanky was not necessarily hardly any clothes but just dressing like a slag in general, wether it’s the lack of clothing or the hello yes I am a whore make-up… It’s also used a bit for something that’s off, like ‘mate that weed is skanky‘…

  4. I can’t believe they think paris hilton is hot, she scares the bejesus out of me with here bony skeleton look, it’s scary.

  5. Awwww… but skankwear is cool! Just kiddin, I can’t stand skanks (which, in Canada, means “slut, where clothing tends to be the sluttiest feature”). Paris Hilton is a perfect example of a skank.

  6. Kitta! you’ve just belittled my whole existence in one entry, by saying that skankwear isn’t cool! /actually, Paris Hiltin is skanky, and even worse are those weird looking malnourished 13 year olds who want to look like her, but never will. Bring on trackies and uggies as day wear!!!!!

  7. If she was mine she be lock in her room for months!! is that ” like english?” wow that is something. The world change so much. I am still on “groovy ,farout and dig it” lol i guess I giving my age away and little behind the times. The good old days when I was that age there was guys long hair and hippies was in and groups like step and wolf and BTO. I think I like the milk shack story better. Still if she was mine, she never use that word again or think it. why do the young girls want to like sluty for??


  8. Skanky can mean a whole lot of things.

    Bekah, it’s good you don’t know what it is. Keep it that way; stay sweet and innocent for as long as possible! Haha, maybe I would make a good mother, my motherly thinking seems to kick in quite easily these days.

    Ella, see now you wear skankwear with class and since your not 13, it’s all good. There’s just something not right with a 13 year old thinking it’s cool. And go the uggies, I’m wearing mine right now. 🙂

    Dan, they think that’s what the boys want, no one has informed them how personality is also a key factor in someone liking you.

  9. heh… better off just to talking to her about it. Otherwise she’ll just be doing it behind your back, and even after that she may anyway.

  10. have you seen “thirteen” – the movie?
    “the best thing for 13 year old girls “flipping out” like this is to lock them away till they are 18″, said Kati, 29 years old.

    …and that the movie ends on a happy note is just hollywood blurp.
    so yes, it’s shocking. just as we were when we were young (huh).

  11. No I haven’t seen that movie; I don’t think it’s out here yet.

    I think every new generation is becoming more shocking, when my mother was a teenager the worst thing she did was call the teacher names. I’ve noticed that every generation builds on the last, whatever the last generation got away with, the next will get away with it, and more. If 90’s kids are talking about skanky clothing, I don’t even want to know what 00’s kids will talk about.

    Just as I finished typing that I heard a news report on the radio that said “A father at 14, 3 kids and no regrets”… It kind of sums it up well.

  12. its been horrid around these parts with all the lil kiddies on school holidays, they infest the shopping centres, its all pretty funny, but some of the girls really do wear some revealing clothing for their age, which imo just isnt right. but kids will be kids. which reminds me, tis a good movie about teenage life (Kids) Disturbing, but a good watch.

    Anyway, i got some new ugg boots a few weeks ago, loving them

  13. Paris Hilton seems like a very nice young lady, though not exceptionally bright. At least thats the impression I got from watching her sex tape.

  14. This is what happens when both parents work two jobs to pay for a whole bunch of crap they don’t even need but have been brainwashed into thinking they do. Their kids are left to be raised by the TV set.

  15. Have any of you all seen that new movie…Mean Girls?

    Is that really what they are wearing now in school? If it is my baby girl is just going to be home schooled and that is that! Just thought it fit pretty well with the social commentary.

    BTW I have not seen it but sparked my memory with this post.


    Feeling more like a father more than ever

  16. Thank you Kitta, i’m kinda behind the times myself, but i like the way i look and if nobody else does that’s their problem…..

  17. Oh, and another thing, i’m sorry, but i don’t like cusswords….just raised that way, and there are probobly lots of younger people coming on here, so could u please tone it down just a little? Like instead of ass, how about butt? Oh i feel sooo stupid saying this, and i feel bad about typing a cussword……..

  18. LOL Skankwear, wow some people truly have no lives. Quite sad really but its probably worse here in America then anywhere else.

  19. Not to be rude to Bekah. But Kitta, I think the next site update should simply read, SHIT COCK FUCK DICK ASS CUNT. To appease Bekah. No wait, my bad, that was to be rude to Bekah.

  20. well, must admit i have a problem with paris hilton, but look, my daughter is 5 and naturally tends towards her heels and sun dress when it’s time to parade… wow, she is going to freak me out at 13

  21. Matil!: I’ve seen the previews for “Mean Girls”, and I can tell you, that’s not the half of it. Today, atleast where I live, you consider it rare to find a 13 year old girl not wearing a belly-button halter-top(i believe that’s the correct term for “shirt with no back”) and short shorts(or miniskirts) that barely clear their crotches. It’s hard for me to believe that most guys do, sadly, are attracted by that slutty look:(

  22. It’s getting quite cold in Perth lately, and I sometime wonder if young girls have some type of central heating installed in their bodies. They really don’t seem to be effected by the cold, yet I have to put on two jumpers a scarf and a jacket just to stay warm.

    Craig, congratulations. 🙂

    Bekah, it’s fantastic that you don’t listen to what others think and you like the way you look. Most people don’t accept their bodies until they are a lot older. A lot of people say they don’t like the swear words on my website, but my site isn’t aimed at younger people and I like to be honest and share my thoughts. I don’t have a problem with swear words when they’re not used towards someone; I just see them as words, which emphasise a feeling or emotion.

    Daniel, I know what you’re talking about, I feel like running up to some of the girls in the shopping centres and covering them up (there goes the mothering thoughts again). I tend to wear shorts, but only a home or at the beach when it’s one of those amazingly hot days. I never wear them out to the shops, it wouldn’t feel right. Don’t worry most of those girls will grow out of it and put some more clothes on one day.

  23. Well, excuse me Malach, but i was raised that way, it is not my fault, and i’m not too happy right now because my great-grandmother died and i have to go to the graveside service and i’ve never been to one before……

  24. Lol, Ahh that is disturbing. What is the world coming to? My daughter shall grow up in a classy fashion, none of this Supré is in stuff. I hate Supré with a passion. Damn skanky sluts. But 13-14 year olds trying to look 18+? I think that’s just stupid. Good luck to them I suppose, I’m grateful that I happen to look young for my age, then I will be a young mum. 😉 x

  25. Amusing how skanky you tend to make yourself look in an attempt to garner attention, yet make fun of these two nobodies 🙂

    But then, I suppose even here in Perth, we have to have pretentious hoebags like you 🙂

  26. Normally, I’d delete your comment because it’s rude and so far from the truth, but I’d like to inform you that you seem to have missed the point of this entry completely. It was about 13 year old girls, not me. And I was not making fun of them, I was pointing out that they said something quite strange in public.

    What I wear in public is not skanky, I’ve been told hundreds of times that I dress classy and I never announce in public that a piece of clothing is ‘skankwear’, like the girls mentioned in this entry did.

    I am not a hoebag or pretentious, but you Glen (aka: troll), are a rude person who wants to make them self feel good by trying to make me look bad. Sorry mate, didn’t work. 😉

  27. I can’ understand where you all wouldn’t want your young daughters dressing like Paris Hilton BUT Paris Hilton is a 21 year old WOMEN who is proud of her body and has no shame maybe all of your who think thats wrong need to take a hint! shes a STRONG BOLD WOMEN!!! not 13…I LOVE PARIS HILTON and shes is HOTT! keeping in mind shes a women not a 13 year old GIRL

  28. ok im 13 but skanky wear is jus sooo not kool. supre=skank wear.. and paris hilton used to be a it girl in lyk the 19th century . wats so kool now is ethnic clothes, boho style not sum sluty skirt from supre.. every 13 yr old is differnt obvisiouly that girl is a hoe, but unlike them i have class..

  29. im 15 and i know skankwear and supre is genreally skank wear i mean im normally a healthy size 14 in jayjays or target or anywhere but i dont even fit supre at all or maybe just the large in pants but there tops are made for flat chested or these 13 yr olds with no boobs!!!

    i use their clothes mainly to cut up and make my own not slutty designs

    i love my uggies but uggies and mini skirts make no sense to me

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