Blue screen of death

Blue screen of death


22 Comments on “Blue screen of death”

  1. HA HA HA, Yea, I was ready to take a hammere to mine at times. did you get my E-mail about the painting?? I wasn’t sure, I was doing odd stuff the app was.

    Dan M.


  2. I was told, when I first got started with computers, to keep all of my firearms at a safe distance from the computer. This was good advice. If I hadn’t done this, the “Blue Screen of Death” would now be the “Blue Screen Full of Bullet Holes”.


  3. What I like the most is how things change with time: When they made the Xbox, rather than ensure that there were no fatal errors (and thus no BSOD), they did indeed put a Green Screen of Death in there.

    Only it’s 3d and semitransparent and kind of hovers and sparkles nicely.

    So it’s… you know… ok. Kind of .


  4. I wonder how it’d be like if I dress up as a computer screen like that of the comic strip but with a different message (in DOS prompt):

    Format C:? [Y/Y]

    Or how would you act up, dressing like that, but this time it’s a screen freeze …?


  5. That’s definitely one of the more hilarious of Foxtrot! We’ve had that hanging up in the techhop now for several years, hehehehe.



  6. Thought I would distinguish myself from the numerous other Dan’s.
    Love your writing..Keep it up!


  7. Heh heh. Good ol’ Foxtrot. I haven’t had a Blue Screen Of Death at all since we upgraded to XP(not sure there is a BSOD on XP), but when we had Windows ME, it seemed to come up all the time, as if it had been programmed with something like: onKeyPress”bsod();” (only in binary, I guess).


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