Blue screen of death

Blue screen of death


22 Comments on “Blue screen of death

  1. HA HA HA, Yea, I was ready to take a hammere to mine at times. did you get my E-mail about the painting?? I wasn’t sure, I was doing odd stuff the app was.

    Dan M.


  2. I was told, when I first got started with computers, to keep all of my firearms at a safe distance from the computer. This was good advice. If I hadn’t done this, the “Blue Screen of Death” would now be the “Blue Screen Full of Bullet Holes”.


  3. What I like the most is how things change with time: When they made the Xbox, rather than ensure that there were no fatal errors (and thus no BSOD), they did indeed put a Green Screen of Death in there.

    Only it’s 3d and semitransparent and kind of hovers and sparkles nicely.

    So it’s… you know… ok. Kind of .


  4. I wonder how it’d be like if I dress up as a computer screen like that of the comic strip but with a different message (in DOS prompt):

    Format C:? [Y/Y]

    Or how would you act up, dressing like that, but this time it’s a screen freeze …?


  5. That’s definitely one of the more hilarious of Foxtrot! We’ve had that hanging up in the techhop now for several years, hehehehe.



  6. Heh heh. Good ol’ Foxtrot. I haven’t had a Blue Screen Of Death at all since we upgraded to XP(not sure there is a BSOD on XP), but when we had Windows ME, it seemed to come up all the time, as if it had been programmed with something like: onKeyPress”bsod();” (only in binary, I guess).


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