Super cool new toy

For those of you that don’t know, I’m currently making a ton of jewellery to sell at parties, fete’s and craft shows later this year. I’m about half way there amount wise, but the question of what to present the jewellery on was bought up a few weeks back. Friends suggested I buy a simple pin board, but where’s the fun in that? So today, I went out and bought supplies to make my own boards. Wood, material, padding, pins a staple gun (which is my super cool new toy) was purchased.

The building of the board was pretty easy. Saw the wood in half, and then staple the padding and material on. Place pins on and drum roll please…

Mmm, boardness

I now have a fancy board to present my jewellery on.

I think my favourite part of it all was the warning list that came with the staple gun:

  • Only well instructed adults should operate this tool (Sorry Tay, you can’t play with it).
  • Do not operate tool when under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication (I.e. Hide tool for most of my friends when they come over).
  • Do not use when tired or in a hurry (Aww, I so wanted to do some 3am stapling).
  • Never point tool at anyone (Even that dude that pisses me off?).
  • Never let any little red monkeys near this tool, ever! Serious damage and hurt could be caused (Ok, so it didn’t say that, but I think it should have).

I was totally planning to do ALL of the above and now my fun is ruined, ruined I tell you!

25 Comments on “Super cool new toy”

  1. Its your own fault for reading the WARNING. You know better than that! In fact I just now read your warning under the “Leave a Comment” section. hehe


  2. My dad has one of the high pressure staple guns that need the air compressor and what not. We got bored one day and used it to shoot cans my god that was fun.


  3. pretty jewelry, sorry, no where else to write this, but did neone tell u that u look like lauren from alias minus the blonde hair…luv the monkey


  4. Madura, do you mean Melissa George? Hmm, I guess. I remember when she was on home and away, wow, that was ages ago. I’m pretty sure she’s a perthian too. πŸ™‚

    Pugs, we had one of them in high school. We’d get some wood and do some target practise. The teacher never really cared, “just don’t get hurt” he’d say.

    Stu, leave my toes alone. :p

    I’m hoping to sell enough jewellery so I can buy a better digital camera; I want to start selling my jewellery online you see. The camera I have now is horrible at focusing.


  5. Can you just shoot it off at things? Some have a lock that only goes off when you press the gun against stuff but you can just pull it back and let er rip but then some you can just fire off without any kind of safety involved. I’ve never actually fired one though. Only get to use one when I’m working with my dad and he’d yell at me if I fired it randomly just to play with it. Roofing sucks. Stapling and nailing hot sticky shingles to a roof frigging sucks. The mexicans are awesome at it though. Seriously, they stay up on that roof like it ain’t no thang. It’s hot as fuck up there.


  6. Hy Nikita!

    1. Very nice jewellery, indeed.
    2. Ignore the WARNING sheet. It’s written by someone who doesn’t know how to have fun with a staple gun. Use it to defend your home for example.

    Have fun!


  7. Too many warnings spoil the fun! I agree with the use of staple (or nail) guns at school though. We weren’t warned against injury though, we tended not to get through a woodwork/metalwork/plastics lesson without at least one injury! Kickass jewellery, I’ll come and steal some during the night πŸ˜‰
    Play Safe!


  8. Malach, I’m pretty sure it’s one that will fire without pressure. It says it can accidentally fire when turning it on or off and to always use the safety switch when you put it down. I’m trying really hard to resist finding some old wood today and doing some target practice. I must save the staples to make some more boards.

    Ella, dude you really do have to come over so I can teach you how to make some jewellery. Then you won’t have to steal mine during the night. πŸ˜›


  9. Hi there you better keep that gun or tool away from your brother he might staple the dog or others ha ha ha. I Had something like that, but it said ” never point the guy at eyes and pull trigger” no shit right!! that is as bad as with frez food as” take pan out of box and put it in oven”daaaaaaa reallly?? the other one is the same as you have ” don’t drink and staple” you might staple you hand to the table, then you couldn’t pick you drink up after that. Hay, that a good way to stop over drinking right? hahaha good job on your board looks nice kitta.

    your friend
    Dan M Salem, Ma USA


  10. You should sell some of your jewllery on your site, because I’m always looking to purchase new pieces!!
    Would you consider it?


  11. Kase, I plan to sell my jewellery on this my site sometime later this year. As I have said before, I need to get a better digital camera to take pictures of it first.

    Hehe, they probably set it at that date because they have nfi when it’s coming out. Still funny though.


  12. Okay okay so you wont let me play with your staple gun, but how about a paintball fight? or maybe a late night pillow fight :X

    nice work on the jewelry (oops i mean jewellery) board…. have you thought about doing ebay?

    Also, do you make a decent amt with the ad? money=yum


  13. Paintball fight? Your on, I’d so kick your ass Mr Mcknight. Pillow fight? Ok, but I’d still kick your ass. I am lethal with a pillow. I have thought about eBay, but their listing prices bug me. I prefer just to buy on eBay. I make no money from that ad, I’m plugging it for my host (and friend) Rich.


  14. I want in on the pillow fight! I have been known to vanquish three or four small children all at once with a pillow! Seriously I own. I think it has something to do with using a small pillow like nunchucks combined with my nunchuck skills.


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