Page 18, line 4

Via gigglechick.

  • 1. Grab the nearest book.
  • 2. Open the book to page 18.
  • 3. Find line 4.
  • 4. Write down what it says.

The first book I grabbed was Wil Wheaton’s ‘Dancing Barefoot’, but he clearly had a plan in place to mess with the page 18 line 4 fun. There’s a picture on page 18! WIL FUCKING WHEATON.

So I grabbed the next book, ‘Angelina Jolie’s Journals’ and turned to page 18…

“We started up the road and ran into George.”

33 Comments on “Page 18, line 4”

  1. I am in my office, and I picked up my 2nd edition “Real-time Rendering” book. Surprisingly, the quote not only applies to computer graphics, but also has a zen like aura when applied to life and things in general.

    “The perspective transform thus mimics the way we perceive objects’ size.”


  2. Hexley, that is very zen like. I now want to go grab some computer books and look at their page 18, line 4’s.

    Christian, I love your layout by the way. Very cool. πŸ™‚


  3. “The two rats fell away, not from the blows, but because the soft flesh of the child separated from her body.”

    It’s from The Rats, by James Herbert. Love your site btw!


  4. “The Persians then utterly destroyed Miletus and enslaved its surviving inhabitants, after which they subdued all of the other Ionian cities.”

    Taken from: Istanbul, The Imperial City, by John freely


  5. Keith has posted something similar over at his site, only it’s page 23 and sentence number 5. I’m going with his because in the book I grabbed it’s much more interesting than your one.

    “Again he regarded his inflated groin, covered in red pants.”

    – Simon Callow, Being an Actor

    Love the site by the way, props for keeping it going so long and so well.


  6. “Everytime she leaned over the boys would shout ‘Look! You can see mount Fuji!'”- Memoirs Of A Geisha, Arthur Golden

    Thought that was a pretty good one πŸ˜‰


  7. Max, there seems to be a few version of it floating around. So far, I’ve seen page 18, page 25 and page 23.

    Rachael, that’s a good one. I’ll have to read Memoirs of a Geisha again; it’s been a few years since I read it.


  8. The nearest book (that can be called book, since my floor is plastered with IT-Magazines…) is my Formula collection “Formeln und Tafeln, Mathematik – Physik” DMK/DPK, (I know some of you will already hate me since it’s a german book, but it’s a good formula collection, which are actually international…) and Line 4 on page 18 reads:
    – (V, +) mit Elementen a, b, c, … (Vektoren)

    It’s part of the definition of vectors in a Geometrical place πŸ™‚


  9. This was on top of my computer tower. Nebula Awards 30. Line 4 goes exactly as follows:

    “…text is another potent symbol: abortion, both literal and metaphorical.”

    Sorta cryptic, even if I include the full sentence from line 3: “And looming over the is another potent symbol: abortion, both literal and metaphorical.” I belive its just intros and reviews on various books that came out in 93-94 period.


  10. “how it is torn down when both sides are finished, and how many pins the network”

    Your bead work is kittalicious .. πŸ™‚
    Hey playing with hovers?


  11. ‘I noticed a Nobber and another place called Muff.’
    From Tony Hawks classic Round Ireland with a fridge. Kinda sums up the whole feel of the book really!


  12. Pg 18 Line 4 of ‘The Other Battle of the Bulge – Operation Northwind’ by Charles Whiting

    “Krauts just over the hill” from their positions, getting …

    But there’s a monkey on your site … just over the hill …


  13. We hates Wheaton, my preciouss.. yess we hates him…

    Anyway, I did the page 23 5th sentence thing. This is it:

    “I undertaked to input the things you counseled me to, and I fatigated the thesaurus you presented me, as you counseled me to, when my words appeared too petite, or not befitting.”

    That’s from “Everything is Illuminated” by Jonathan Safran Foer.


  14. amm… Introduccion a la logica… well well well
    it says: “La similitud entre objetos que tienen muchas diferencias que serian importantes entre otras conexiones, puede ser advertida por que es pertinente en esta conexion”… i dont know what’s the meanin of that… of course you too…
    hahaha learn spanish


  15. by the way… i love that blouse with the flowers on it
    … u know that in the “cam” right now
    ¬¬ are u awake? here in mexico are 3:50 pm


  16. page 18 line 4 of ‘linux server hacks’:
    “rm: cannot unlink ‘./stubborn.txt’: Operation Not Permitted”



  17. I’m currently reading ‘Hey Nostradamus!’ by Douglas Coupland.

    page 18, line 4: “Silence was my sin.”

    (complete line: “disgusts me. Silence was my sin. I sinned as I cowered and”)


  18. From “The Reader” by Bernhard Schlink:

    “The fever that weakens your perception as it sharpens your imagination turns the sick room into someplace new, both familiar and strange.”


  19. “July, July”, Tim O’Brien

    “Cheers”, Amy said.

    “The Things They Carried”, Tim O’ Brien

    Shut up?

    Hmm …. sounds like this might get interesting.

    Also, does anyone have a link to the phone number equation? The one where you use the first three digits to find the last 4?

    BTW … LOVE THE SITE! It’s almost as pretty as Miss Kitta …. too bad you live in another country ….


  20. Sergio: “We hates Wheaton, my preciouss.. yess we hates him…”

    Nah, he’s a cool guy, he replied to my email yesterday. If you’ve read ‘Dancing Barefoot’ you’ll get the “WIL FUCKING WHEATON” reference. πŸ˜‰


  21. “Thus, the wave transmitted along the line is 1-dimentinal in that it does not spread out into space but follows along the line.”
    From “ANTENNAS” By, John Kraus


  22. “…in other cases, such as that of the USS Schenectady, ships have actually been torn in half (Figure 1.5)”

    ..Figure 1.5 shows, you’ve guessed it, a ship torn in half. Groovy.

    from How to Dunk a Doughnut, the Science of Everyday Life by Len Fisher


  23. i took mine out of my favourite book, ‘The hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy’

    page 18 line 4 is actually not very interesting

    Mr Prosser thought about this



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