My Inner Voice

I was given an Easter card this morning from my grandmother. It was a pretty little card, with bunny rabbits and eggs on the front. After about a minute or so I said “I don’t get Easter cards”, and the moment I said it the voice inside my head started to scream “WTF are you doing, she just gave you a card and you bagging it? Think quick you wanker”.

Nikita: “I mean, why have a card for it?”
Nikita’s inner voice: “That wasn’t very, good try again”
Nikita: “It’s just they have cards for everything these days!”
Nikita’s inner voice: “Do they have one that an inner voice would give to someone that won’t be quiet?”

My mother gives me a look, a look which my inner voice would probably also give me if it could, a “shut the hell up” look.

Nikita: “I saw a card a while back, it said ‘sorry to hear you got fired’, that was silly”
Nikita’s inner voice: “Would you like me to help you dig that hole you’re in?”
Nikita: “Yeah…”
Nikita’s inner voice: “I do hope that means you’re done”

I do this all the time. I’m known for saying daft things right after someone gives me something, it’s a sickness. At Christmas my Aunt and Uncle came over, they gave me a book and a nice pair of handmade earrings. They were simple earrings, so I started telling her how you easy it is to make them.

Nikita: “They’re really easy to make, just get the wire and some beads and crimps here and here”
Nikita’s inner voice: “Oh no, here you go again”
Nikita’s aunt: “Oh…”
Nikita: “Yeah, really simple”
Nikita’s inner voice: “I really do wish I had a stun gun in here to shut you up at times like this”
Nikita’s aunt: “Well, they’re still a nice pair of earrings”
Nikita’s inner voice: “She thinks you hate them, say you love them, that you’d sell your soul for them”
Nikita: “Oh yes, they are”
Nikita’s inner voice: “I think it’s best to just shut up now and change the subject”
Nikita: *mumbles* “Me too”

26 Comments on “My Inner Voice”

  1. My Dad would bust his ass finding nice things for my Mom for Christmas, Birthday,etc. Mom would respond with something like…”That’s not the one I wanted.” …Sound familiar?


  2. Hmmm I dont know what to say, but my inner voice is asking it self why dont you stop after you hear your inner voice or after the first weird look.


  3. For Kris Kingle at work last Christmas I received one of those dodgy $2 clip-on book lights despite there being a $15 minimum. We all had top go up to the tree one at a time to open the gifts and then say something about the gift, so when it was my turn I opened it up and just looked at it thinking “holy crap what a piece of shit” with a facial expression to reflect this though. I think the words that came out of my mouth were along the lines of “yeh this is great, I don’t read books” (what I meant was I don’t read because I never have time anymore). I hate to think what the purchaser was thinking, I must’ve come across like a complete and utter wanker.

    The Kris Kringle gift I bought was a full size axe (like a fire axe) which was picked out by an old lady in accounts because I wrapped it in a huge box with pink paper.


  4. hehe the earrings part is funny. Im glad i dont show any irritating facial expressions when i recieved crappy things that i dont like as presents. I think it’s due to i get many these presents every year, practice makes perfect. hehe


  5. That post made me smile, thanks for that.

    Is it not always best to say what is on your mind ? Better that than letting things build up inside, obviously though a response of thanks needs some careful thought.

    Bob: I think it is the other way around, her inner voice is the voice of reason (and sense).


  6. My inner voice made me sell all my possessions (bar my pc) and live in the wilderness for all eternity. I should really stick up to myself.

    Yeah, this is the weird sorta thing I do when left alone with it πŸ˜›


  7. yeah, everyone has funny posts now adays. it’s nothing special. i mean, i love that post. kitta, it’s no biggie dealing with grappling with what you say vs. what you think. my old boss called it – in computer terms – his “bubble sort”. but my opinion is, it’s a very learned ability to say the right things. fortunately, web pages are a great place to say what you feel. πŸ˜‰


  8. La Femme,

    May I suggest adding this book to your wish list!:) Saying Thankyou

    It is a lovely book to help you and your inner voice out in those tight sweemish situations.

    Btw I don’t get the bunny thing either. I celebrate easter for an entirely different reason…a day where a gift above all was given to us and that is the only gift I ever need, I don’t even deserve it but I still get it. I also enjoy a nice cadburry egg once in a while though!;)


    Humble in the Jungle


  9. Hmm, me thinks you need to remember to proof read a bit Kitta. Though the fact that you are ridiculously cute in those bunny ears makes up for typos I guess…but just barely!


  10. Malach, I did proof read it, as I do with all my entries. Upon reading it juts now I did notice that I was missing the word “won’t”, but that’s all. I think you forget that everyone makes typos now and again and it doesn’t mean they don’t take the time to proof read.

    Shaan, I’m about half way through. I keep pushing it back when I get new books.


  11. I could swear I juts saw something else that was out of place and confusing. I make typos too, no need to be so defensive, I’m juts teasin’ you. A good πŸ˜› is all you need to say to put me firmly in my place. Juts settle down. (Oh man I crack myself up) juts juts juts lol…I’m a dick.


  12. Kitta, you are such a photo friendly person it is unreal. I wish that I was that photo friendly. Gotta go …. Stay beautiful:)



  13. I really should converse with my inner voice more, can make for interesting conversation. Try writing down the conversations as you have them, and purposly have an arguement with it, makes for interesting reading when your done πŸ™‚


  14. I always open my mouth before i think, then my inner self helps me try and cover it up… but i just keep making it worse, lol… like you i guess :-p


  15. sup sup..yeah, I wish I was as camera friendly as Kitta *sigh*…It trips me out when I hear you guys say wanker (sorry i’m not used to hearing it =] )…welp the card thing…sometimes grandparents are so seperated from their grandchildren that they give cards…phsyically or emotionally…so they give cards to touch base (show some love) and maybe give money…and to remind you grandparent’s day is around the corner lol nah nah…well, you’ll understand when your a grand parent or you have friends with kids…or nieces or nephews…especially if they live far away…

    Didn’t your momma every teach you…if you haven’t got anything good to say…don’t say it lol okay okay mouth like a truck driver….i remember…

    or its the thought that counts…blah blah blah okay… i guess i used to get alot of shitty presents as a child so i’d have to grin and bear it…smile and say thank you lol… damn… kitta you are so spoiled lol nah nah


  16. how do you get those pics, kitta? do you put your cam on a timer or someone else takes the pics? lol

    BTW, have you tried OCin’ your rig yet? =]


  17. i do this all the time, out loud i might add, and usually in while the person is still in the room.

    i like the site btw, very bright.
    happy easter!


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