Happy 50th Birthday Mum

It’s my mothers 50th birthday today. She’s not too happy with the whole ‘turning 50’ concept, but she is thrilled it’s her birthday, even if her present was a bit early.

About a week or so back I asked Ella if she would help me with ‘operation surprise mum with flowers’ for her 50th birthday (I am without credit card you see). Ella, being the fantastically cool person she is, said yes and became as excited as I was. We decided upon a two dozen rose assortment, a teddy bear and some amazingly yummy (so I’m told) chocolates from the Freo Chocolate Factory. Ella placed the order Saturday morning, and told them to deliver it on Monday the 5th (today) to mums workplace. I then tried to act normal around my mother every time she asked what I was getting her for her birthday.

Saturday afternoon my mother got a phone call from work. There was a package there for her and she really should come pick it up. When she told me, I had to smile and act surprised, but in the back of my mind I thought “oh shit, I hope they didn’t fuck up the delivery date”. She went to pick them up from work and the moment she brought them in the door I knew it was the package from my brother, Ella and me. Crap.

She was thrilled anyway. She’d never really had someone send her some flowers before. Then she noticed that the teddy had a yellow stain down its side, crap again, the flowers must have stained the teddy. She wasn’t really worried, and happily washed her teddy with a cloth and some stain remover. She did it quite lovingly actually, and now that I think of it, she probably hasn’t been given a teddy in years.

Later that night, she came to my door dressed in her PJ’s, with a cheeky smile on her face and hugging her new teddy. She didn’t look like someone about to turn 50, more like a 13 year old girl saying goodnight to her parents. It was so cute.

In a way it turned out well that the flowers came early. On Sunday she had some old friends over, she got to show off her flowers and share her chocolaty goodness with them.

Happy 50th Birthday Mum (And thanks Ella).

30 Comments on “Happy 50th Birthday Mum”

  1. Great stuff. My mum’s 50th is in June and I need to get off my unemployed ass and whip up something equally stunning.

    Wow… half a century.


  2. Mum got more presents at work today. She got a nice vase (which was $20, the tag was left on it, haha), a rose address book and box with little cards in it and a nice picture frame. Oh and someone made her a cake.


  3. aww happy birthday to your mum =) that sounds like agreat present you guys got her, even though it was early, lol. then again, it made for an entertaining blog post =p


  4. Props to La Femme for not going the Black Ballons-Over the Hill-walking cane route…

    Do the do that type of thing down unda?


    Brotha man from anotha land 🙂


  5. i know i didn’t know your mom, say hai to her from me , but i just wanna say ” HAPPY B’DAY MAMA KITTA”


  6. Treasure these moments. Burn them into your mind and don’t ever, ever forget them, because they are worth more than you can possibly imagine. She’s a lucky woman. Good on you.


  7. Happy 50th Birthday to Kitta’s Mum! 😀 That’s so awesome that our Mum’s Birthday’s are so close, hehe ‘cept my Mum turned 40. She wasn’t too happy about that, lol. Take care. x


  8. Happy Birthday to your mom! It’s really great to ba able to make someone happy, especially when it’s your mom. Oh God… I miss my mom…


  9. Tell her HAPPY BRITH DAY TO MOM AND TALL HER SHE DON’T LOOK A DAY OVER 40 :)) I am sure you made her very happy.

    happy brith day gain mum

    from Salem, MA USA


  10. wow nice color pic! any significance to yellow and red roses? =]
    Is yellow friendship and red romance i forgot… Such a nice daughter you are…I’m not the greatest son lol *sigh*

    You make losers like me feel bad lol *cry cry*

    Hope your mum has a great birthday! =]

    o/~Let the sun shine in…face it with a grin… o/~


  11. Thank you all for the birthday wishes for mum. 🙂

    Mark, I told her that and she just said “Hexa-what-imal?”

    GGB, no there’s no significance. We just asked for a nice assortment of colours.


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