I received this in an email a few days ago:

With all the news on TV lately about the tropical cyclone hitting the North West Coast of Australia, we shouldn’t forget that Perth has its share of devastating weather too. I’ve attached a photo illustrating the damage caused to a home from a Perth storm that passed through the metropolitan area yesterday. It really makes you cherish what you have, and reminds us not to take things for granted! Warning: The attached picture is graphic and may not be suitable for sensitive viewers.

Click here to see the picture that was attached.

63 Comments on “Warning”

  1. Pretty Funny. Thats just like in NYc. Weatherman say 12 inches of snow we get 1inch and then other times we will get a dusting of snow we have a Blizzard on our hands. That is some devasting damaged the last time I saw a chair like that is when the I drunks falling off the bar stool.


  2. There’s a lesson for us all there: don’t mess with Mother Nature or she’ll kick your chairs over. The Bitch did for my fence last week (see homepage). Granted I’m several thousand miles away frm you, so it probably wasn’t the same storm but I bet they know each other..:-)


  3. Hahahaha!! Nice!

    Hey, I have been meaning to ask you…how are you feeling these days? The pain and the painkillers still there?

    Take care of yourself,


  4. i have to admit that the sick and twisted little demon that lives inside my colon was hoping for something gruesome.
    but that will do. i laughed, so screw the little demon. >;)


  5. Kitta, please tell us that it was not *your* chair that has fallen! Do we need to start a disaster appeal for your lawn furniture?


  6. AHAHAHAHAHA.. wooh I needed that!

    Seriously though, I demand compensation for the eternal pyschological damage you’ve caused here!

    πŸ™‚ x


  7. That scene has been set up, no storm can knock over a single plastic chair! Some fraud with a hose has got to that poor outdoor setting! πŸ˜›


  8. Those poor bastards in Perth. It’s a wonder that anyone survived! Why wasn’t this on international news!? Crazy Iraq war taking all the coverage!


  9. Hahahah a lawn chair fell over… thats funny shit. Well here in Nova Scotia in CANADA we had in the past 6months a hurricane which had record winds and then in february we had a blizzard which dumped 96cm of snow on us. It shut us down for liek a week. it totally sucked but now i can say i lived through some disasters. So is this so called cyclone gonna hit where you live?


  10. Here in California a natural disaster is more then 3 days of rain. I wonder what would happen if chairs started tipping over. Oh the humanity.


  11. Wow, the same photo showed up on the company news letter about the bad storms in Los Angeles, California. (I think it rains twice in LA in a year…)


  12. Oh my god… that’s horrible, I ‘ve never thought you’d live in such a hostile environment. πŸ™‚
    No, really good joke, I was expecting everything, except *this* πŸ™‚


  13. hahaha…. i have someone just like this… but its in spanish [Bcause im mexican.. you know] wherever… im going to translate and send it


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  15. This is four times now that i’ve landed on your website in the last 2 days when searching Yahoo for absolutely unrelated things. Kinda odd. Keep up the good blogging!


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