As you can see, I’ve once again made some changes to Tweak, tweak, tweak. Font is now Verdana, navigation is now super cool and you’ll find a few changes here and there on the content pages. Most noticeable being colophon, which is a mix of the old about and site info pages.

Bloggie awards are in a few hours (that’s if I worked out the time difference right) at SXSW. And for those that have just surfed in, is up for ‘Best Designed Weblog’. If I do manage to win the battle with tiredness, I’ll log onto #BlogIRC that’s been set up to announce the bloggie winners. It’s the next best thing to being there.

Thank you all for the emails and well wishes, I am feeling better now and I’m off the evil shoe forgetting medication. Special thanks to Jesse for reminding me what a shoe is in an email:

Shoe [ shoo ]
Noun (plural shoes)

1. stiff outer covering for the foot: an outer covering for the foot, usually made of leather, fabric, or plastic, with a stiff sole and usually not reaching above the ankle
2. See horseshoe n.1
3. protective part in an engine: a lining or part in an engine or machine that protects another part from being worn down
4. playing card dispenser: a special box that dispenses playing cards one at a time
5. power collector on an electric train: the part of an electric train or streetcar that connects with the electrified rail from which it draws power
6. metal strip on sled: a strip of metal along the runner of a sled
7. part of a bridge: a base that supports the upper part of a bridge

So which one is it?

14 Comments on “Tweak”

  1. Yo Kitz, the new site adjustments look great. But there is one minor thing you might want to check on, and that is how the site is displayed in Opera. (I’m currently using 7.22) Here’s a screenshot of how it comes out for me: Take note of the cleverly photoshop ninja’ed up highlighted area! Ohh, too many ed’s…

    Good luck on the bloggies, keep us posted!


  2. Well, since Kitta is most likely sleeping right now, I’ll tell you that the IRC thing was incredibly cool. We laughed our asses off. Sadly, the best design-y category wasn’t won by Kitta, but by Dan Cederholm, of Simplebits fame (we can all shake our collective fists in anger at him or something – It’s difficult ’cause he’s a really hoopy frood, though). The big winner was Cory Doctorow, from Boing Boing, who took three prizes and thanked all of New Zealand, apparently.


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